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Quantum Manifestation 2.0


Module 1 - Quantum Reality Shifting

In this module we explore the structural foundations of your reality & how to shift your energy on both a foundational & quantum level

Gobi Desert Merkaba Activation

In this Merkaba Meditation download keys and codes from the base world chakra. 

Your PlayActions

PlayAction # 1

What do you get to choose knowing that Abundance is your Natural Birthright?

PlayAction # 2

a. Look at your current reality - take an audit especially in terms of your money, impact, service & contribution. 

b. Flip it - to where you would like it to be. Not realistically or logically but where you energetically vision your new reality be. 

c.  Bring that future you into the now - Energetically connect to this future you and download the codes, geometries and frequencies from that version of you into the NOW - feel it, be it, expand energetically into it

PlayAction #3

Daily access into hyper presence mode - Tune into your multi dimensional self & expand into it

Multi Dimensional Reality Shifting Template Activation

Energetically connect to the future you version through time and space to collapse space & time to quantum leap your manifestations. Listen to this activation as often as you feel guided