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Quantum Manifestation 2.0 Module 2


Module 2 - Quantum Vibrational Shifting

In this module we tap into the vibrational plane to shift & transmute our emotions to become a vibrational and energetic match to that that we wish to manifest. This is like rocket fuel to your manifestation process

Machu Picchu Merkaba Activation

In this Merkaba Meditation download keys and codes from the world sacral chakra. 

Your PlayActions

PlayAction # 1

Cultivate Heart Consciousness - Set a timer throughout the day, when it goes off - tune in and see where your consciousness is at. Is it in your mental plane or in your heart. If you're in your head. Take a minute to refocus back into your heart centre

PlayAction # 2

Create more emotional flow - when feeling stuck, too much in your head, in avoidance or overwhelm follow this procedure ( also recorded for you) 

1. Close your eyes, tune into what it is you wish to manifest and see it in front of you

2. Now see a wall/ barrier - it may be solid, opaque etc - whatever comes to mind - but it is somehow blocking you from being in the energy &  identity of this manifestation

3. Reach out and touch this wall - how does it make you FEEL

4. Connect to the absolute purity of those emotions - allow these emotions to transmute and dissolve naturally IF YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS COME IN

5. Take those thoughts/perceptions and flip them into a more positive perception/thought pattern 

6. Connect to those new thought patterns and the emotions of those new thought patterns as you connect back into the wall. 

7. You'll feel a shift - might be big or subtle - focus on that shift of emotion, amplify that new emotion as the older lower emotion transmutes

8. Revisit this procedure often till it becomes automatic :) 

Playaction #3
Your relationship to Money - 
Compare your relationship to money with your relationship with air. Do you follow the natural cycle of the in and out? How do you relate to money. Do you feel and respond to money like you do air everyday? 

Playaction #4
If you have your own business - 
Track your in and outs daily/weekly/monthly -and use this NET amount each day to bring up any emotions/perceptions that may be held within your subconscious mind. You can then shift and transmute them using playaction #2

Playaction #5
Embodied New Reality - 
Walk, exercise, move etc daily with the vibration/feeling of you already BEING/having that manifestation as your reality. The more you become that vibrational match in every micro moment - the more you quantum leap your manifestation abilities.

Removing Blocks to Become a Vibrational Match

Use this procedure whenever you are feeling stuck or just a little too much in your head, or if you recognise you are in avoidance patterns or feeling overwhelmed.   It will guide you to shift your emotions and recalibrate and realign to that which you wish to manifest.