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Quantum Manifestation 2.0 Module 3


Module 3 - Quantum Belief Shifting

In this module we tap into the mental plane to shift and transmute thoughts/beliefs/perceptions to create more momentum and amplify our Vortex of Creation

Uluru Merkaba Activation

In this Merkaba Meditation download keys and codes from the world Solar Plexus chakra. 

Your PlayActions


Playaction #1
Feeling issues around self worth, confidence, focus, power, action, determination etc - tune in and see whether your Solar plexus chakra needs an upgrade. If so, listen to the Uluru Merkaba Meditation to clear, realign and expand your Solar plexus

Playaction #2
Play with your Vortex of Creation procedure first thing every morning and also throughout the day if guided

Vortex of Creation Procedure is at the bottom of the page

1. Connect to your Vortex

This vortex is all around you, very expanded and connects you to Source, your guides, higher dimensional beings, Higher Self, the Universe.

2. Tune in
Tune in to that that you wish to manifest. Remember it is already manifested as energy. You are tuning into it as an already energetic manifested form in the field of infinite possibilities. This is like a radio station - it already exists - you are tuning in to it

3. Lock in & stabilise
Do this with your intent. Set your intent to stay tuned to that frequency all day. Every day as you practice this your signal will get stronger for longer

4. Acknowledge the Spin, Magic & Synchronicities
Feel, sense or see your Vortex spinning in a positive way pulling in all the people, ideas, inspirations aligned action, downloads and codes that are perfectly matched to that that you wish to manifest

Acknowledge all the magic, synchronicities, coincidences, smaller manifestations along the way

Where you place your focus is what amplifies

Whilst you close the gap - noticing the smaller manifestations, shifts in perceptions, coincidences helps to narrow the gap faster

5. Take aligned Inspired Action
From this high spin positive spin, follow the signs, intuition, inner guidance to create an upward moving momentum of energy and focus 

Playaction #3
Share all your insights, coincidences, magic with the group - however small, its very significant because it demonstrates focus and positive awareness to the internal changes taking place

Extra process's you can do for the mental plane

  1.  Ask Aligned Identity Questions - when your mental plane is feeling stuck and wanting to know how things will manifest - Ask yourself and feel into the question from the point of view that it has already manifested. For example - Why is is that I have so rapidly manifested 2k in the last two weeks 
  2. Flip the thought into the positive immediately when you're aware of it. IF this flip seems unrealistic to you - either find an example in the past when you did have this thought or go more general in your thought process till you can find a more positive thought that you can believe

Vortex of Creation Procedure   

This frequency activation will support you to place your focus on what you wish to amplify, creating an upward moving momentum of energy and potentiality.