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Quantum Manifestation 2.0 Module 4


Module 4 - Quantum Self-Love Upgrade

In this module we upgrade our self love/worth frequencies and combine it with Abundance Consciousness to activate a higher level of receiving & manifestation

Avebury Merkaba Journey

In this Merkaba Meditation download keys and codes from one of the largest stone circles in the world

Your PlayActions


Playaction #1 - Self Love Upgrade

1. Where are you in terms of your self worth? Scale of 1-10. 1 lowest - 10 highest, couldn't get any better

2. If you were to embody your next level self love upgrade what would that look like. Go deep with this - journal, meditate etc 

3. Create a Daily Self Love Practice

4. 2/3 things weekly for radical self care

Playaction #2 - 

1.  If you were tapping into Abundance Consciousness what would you be thinking, feeling, being? What would your day look like? 

2. Set an alarm hourly to tune in and realign ( if necessary ) to abundance consciousness

Heart Cauldron Activation   

 Transform and transmute lower frequencies that limit you by weaving the frequencies of unconditional love and compassion through them.