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Quantum Manifestation 2.0 Module 5


Module 5 - Manifestation with the Elemental Realm

In this module we'll explore how to connect with the elemental realms to access the magic, synchronicities and miracles of conscious manifestation.

Tara Merkaba Journey

In this Merkaba Meditation download keys and codes from Tara, the world chakra for the second chamber of the heart

Your PlayActions


Playaction #1 - 

Become more aware of signs from the Universe that the elemental realms are filtering through. This could be when you divine up an oracle card with an elemental several times over the course of a few days or it could come though in your dreams or in conversation or you just feel them.

When you get these signs, take a few moments to go into a relaxed state, go into your heart, open up to receive and make a connection. Journal any experiences that come through for you.

Elemental Attunement   

 Connect to the energies and beings of the elemental and nature kingdoms to shift your frequency and bring more ease and joy to your manifestation potential