Space Clearing Kit


Create a high vibrational sacred space of love, light & protection with this Space Clearing Kit.

Use this kit regularly to clear negativity and lower vibrations and then weave in crystalline frequencies of white light to uplift & sanctify your home/work/garden.

By surrounding yourself in high vibrations it supports you to sustain more flow, synchronicity & manifestation



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The kit includes:

1 x Sustainable Abalone shell

This means natural habitat is not destroyed and the supply is sustainable.

10 Charcoal Discs

These charcoal discs are easy to light and are perfect for burning frankincense on. If using in a small space we suggest breaking the disc in half.

25g x Boswella Sacra Frankincense

We absolutely love this superior brand of Frankincense. Our supplier collects and grades this Frankincense by hand and we believe this to be one of the best Frankincense’s available. We also chose this particular Frankincense because not only is it highly purifying with its citrus overtones but it’s also highly protective and grounding all at the same time making it ideal for meditation and sacred ceremonies

25g x Sustainable White Californian sage

Sage is a highly cleansing & purifying herb traditionally used by the Native Americans in meditation, prayer & ceremony

We sell sage in two different options. We prefer loose sage when using for just one room or a small space. Whereas sage sticks are extremely popular and very useful when you need to cleanse your whole house or for outside use.

1 x Ametrine Crystal

Ametrine is a natural mix of amethyst and natural citrine. Amethyst is highly purifying and works to instantly transmute & cleanse any negativity and lower vibes. Citrine is perfect for manifestation and creating a positive vibrant flow of energy.

1 x Clear Quartz Point Crystal

Clear Quartz is the Master Crystal. Use it to crystalize your environment so you can be sustained in higher frequencies of Light for more Flow, Synchronicity & Love.


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