Awaken Divine Cosmic
Goddess Codes

Explore different facets your inner Goddess


Course overview

This is your first step in the Awaken Goddess Codes workshop. This video will explain a quick overview about this workshop and what you can expect from it. Enjoy 🧡

what can you expect from this sacred journey...

Journey to the Pyramid of Giza

Infuse keys & codes from the Queens Chamber, Giza pyramid with Chloe's unique Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

Activations & Transmissions

Receive activations & transmissions to awaken your Cosmic Goddess Codes

Holographic Blueprint Shifting

Experience working with your Holographic Blueprint to shift your current hologram to align with the divine Goddess

Sacred Goddess Teachings

Discover Sacred Goddess Wisdom teachings of the Black Madonna Lineage, Goddess Isis & Raven Power

Invocations & Rituals

Embody your divine feminine through powerful invocations & rituals designed for daily Goddess Infusions