Module One - The Empress 


Empress Attunement

Holding Space Emotionally

Sacral Flow Activation

Holding Space For Your Creations

Ancestral Womb Clearing

Cosmic Womb Clearing

Holding Space For Protection & Feeling Safe

Video coming soon + activation

Empress Embodiment Rituals

Empress embodiment ideas to support you during this programme.  

Add in your own support strategies, then divine or intuit how best you can support yourself each day

  • Working with the 417Hz Solfeggio Frequency to clear negativity & facilitate change  
  • Listening to Dolphin & Whale sounds to relieve stress & anxiety & promote relaxation
  • Connecting to bodies of moving water, rivers, oceans, streams & showers to soothe your emotions, cleanse & ground you
  • Taking a bath with candles & essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender or Cedar to support your releases & uplift you 
  • Working with the crystal frequencies of Moonstone, Carnelian, Rose Quartz & Obsidian (be careful with Obsidian, it can go very deep)
  • Taking a moon bath over the Full Moon portal, connecting to the purification frequencies & setting your intention to release what no longer aligns 
  • Spending time in nature with the trees and elemental frequencies for grounding, nurturance, rejuvenation & reconnection
  • Doing a fast, or modifying your diet to cleanse, nurture & purify your physical body
  • Journal your day to day insights and revelations, reflect on what's coming up for you and stay aware of any triggers or recurring patterns that are coming into the light
  • Keep a dream journal to record any inspirations or downloads that come through in your dreamtime