Experience the Magic 

Journey with Chloe to Sacred Sites across the world to

anchor New Earth, activate unique gifts & step into your authentic power

Accelerate Your Destiny & Purpose

Sacred sites hold hidden Light Codes, Keys & Sacred Teachings that are unique to each location

Journey with Chloe inter dimensionally to experience the magic of these sacred sites to activate your unique ascension path, spiritually empower your life & awaken more of your divine blueprint 

Journey to these sacred sites Around the World

All from the comfort of your own home

Activate Lightcodes for Quantum Leaps 

Discover & activate hidden codes, teachings & quantum leaps available at each sacred site

Access these Crystal merkaba Grid® Journeys Inside the Temple + More

Love for Chloe's Work

Meet Chloe

Chloe is a multi dimensional channel, planetary grid worker, ascension guide & founder of Crystal Merkaba Grid® & Holographic Blueprint® technology. 

Along with her planetary grid work & inter dimensional frequency shifting abilities, Chloe is passionate about empowering awakened Souls to step more into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & support the birthing of their New Earth reality.

She travels to sacred sites all over the world, working with the planetary grids to support the ascension process. She lives and works from her off grid home on sacred land in the heart of England.

Tap into your Mastery Codes 

Chloe's workshops & courses are unique Light encoded transmissions & activations. 
They are designed to cover all aspects of your ascension & new earth journey.  

From spiritual awakening, birthing gifts, spiritual biz energetics, abundance &  new earth. 

They're the perfect complement to the Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journeys for deeper integration & embodiment of Light codes. 

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Love from our community...

I was in tears of Gratitude

"I was in tears of gratitude for I felt my womb for the first time, not mentally or just trying to visualize, I saw beauty, blackness and blankness, purity, innocence and love and I cried myself a river as I dreamed of being a woman and just feel for eons."

woman dressed in white veil and new moon behind her

The Best Mentor I Know
“Chloe's amazing divine gifts as a light bearer, makes her the best mentor I know… and I’ve known quite a few on my spiritual path. I just love her and all that she offers”

New Moon in Virgo

Like No Other Experience I Have Had
These activations are deep, mysterious & profound. I have been working as a professional psychic & healer for 20 years but this work Chloe is offering in the Earthstar Temple is like no other experience I have had”

This was extremely powerful!
"This was extremely powerful and at the end of the meditation I was sobbing and it ended as quickly as it started but it was definitely a big release."

So harmonious & filled with high frequency
"Chloe’s voice is so harmonious and filled with high frequency and the Merkaba Grid Journeys are so healing."

It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift
"Thank you so much for such an amazing activation following the healing. It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift. The monthly healings are so wonderful and you do an amazing job supporting us all."

woman holding her hands to the heavens with bright light shining down


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