Black Madonna


This sacred grid template resonates the energy of the Black Madonna, the frequency of Mother Sophia, the Divine Feminine and her sacred priestess teachings. It is perfect for introspection, healing & co-creation.

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that blend together to create a unique field of energetic harmony and focus.  Each individual crystal grid resonates its specific energy out into the surrounding environment, creating a higher vibration and new holographic reality around it.  When working, meditating or living in this space you are instantly connected to that energy which enables you to experience the energetic frequency, absorb the vibration and come into alignment with it, so that you resonate at the frequency of the new holographic reality and all its potential. 


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Sacred Geometry 

  • Pentagram – This is an ancient symbol used throughout history and different civilisations, for us it represents the Divine Feminine Principle and reminds us of the power and sovereignty of the Goddess energies. 


  • Smoky Quartz Angel – This stone will assist you to connect with the beautiful energies of the angelic realm for introspection, healing, guidance and support. When combined with the energies of Smoky Quartz it is grounding and protective, clearing any negativity from the aura and bringing a positive energy to the body and consciousness. 


  • JetThis energy is a great purifier of negative energy and lower emotions such as anger, frustration and fear.  In this grid, Jet supports you to purify and release denser emotions in order to allow higher frequencies of light and energy to filter down into the body and consciousness.  This allows you to experience a shift of frequency and supports the healing of your emotions, consciousness & soul.


  • Clear QuartzThis crystal energy strengthens and enhances the combined energy of the crystals, sacred geometry and symbols contained within this grid.  It amplifies the energy and attunes to the specific vibrational requirements of each person, in this grid it will support your connection to the Divine Feminine for healing, co-creation and self-empowerment.  
  • Black TourmalineThis stone grounds spiritual energy and balances the chakras, bringing the body and consciousness back into alignment. It will support you to purify in the moment and transmute any negative energies, old patterns, lower emotions or beliefs so that you can re-align to the Goddess for healing, nourishment, support and guidance. 


  • GarnetGarnet is a perfect stone for regeneration and rejuvenation as it brings unity to the chakras, balances energy and will either calm or instil passion depending on a person’s need.  Its red ray brings stability and security during times of trauma and stress, offering courage and encouragement when things seem darkest. It supports the release of old patterns, beliefs and perceptions into the light for clearing.   


  • Moonstone – This crystal energy is associated with the Goddess, the moon, the tides and the cycles of life. It supports the Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, fertility, love and magic and inspires us to follow our dreams. Its surface is reflective, which reminds us to make time to look within ourselves and connect back to the Eternal Mother in order to access our own inner strength and power. 


  • Herkimer Diamond – This crystal energy links us to guidance from the higher realms and enhances our spiritual gifts and talents. When we feel blocked or stuck it reminds us to surrender to our subconscious and the forces of Divine Will so we can move forward in alignment with our higher self to co-create our new reality.   


  • CitrineThis crystal epitomises the Solar Plexus Chakra and is essential when working with issues of self-worth, personal power, co-creation and manifestation.  Here, it will support you to bring your inner guidance, intuitive thoughts and realisations into the manifest so you can clear blocks and heal your limitations.  It encourages you to value your own needs and empowers you to take the action needed to nurture and co-create your dreams.  


This Sacred Grid contains:- 

1 x Smoky Quartz Angel

5 x Jet 

5 x Quartz points 

5 x small Tourmaline 

1 x large Tourmaline 

1 x Garnet 

1 x Moonstone  

1 x Herkimer Diamond

1 x Citrine