Lunar Cycle

This month’s lunar energy update is around Spiritual Initiations, Holding Your light & Creating Foundational Changes in Your Reality

This is a highly charged lunar month!

You may find yourself being be drawn into initiations around power so that you can learn how to more effectively channel your energy through your power centre.

You may notice that you’re having to deal with power plays or a depletion through your solar plexus where you’re having to hold your light and resolve conflicts by dis engaging, removing yourself from the situation & trusting your inner guidance on how to respond.

You may also find that others around you or yourself even, are getting triggered. It’s at these times that it’s important to go within and work through those emotions as opposed to reacting to others as a knee jerk reaction

These are all wonderful opportunities for you to learn more about your power centre, intent and integrity

How you handle these circumstances in your daily life will determine how much Light you can integrate & how much you can shift frequency for you next step in your empowerment journey

Key Themes for this month are:

Navigating & Embodying Spiritual Initiations

Leaving the 3D

Holding Your Light

Anchoring into the 5D

Creating structural changes


Recommendations for everyone
Work with Smoky Quartz - perfect for grounding & anchoring into the 5d
Clear, balance & charge your Root Chakra
Be mindful of lower back, sciatica, lower colon issues
Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members
Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey - In this Crystal Merkaba Journey you’ll discover the long lost sacred site in the heart of London city where masters would go to receive downloads of light, keys, codes & initiations for Spiritual Empowerment. You’ll shift frequency to connect you to your inner power, access an interdimensional portal to experience the galactic realms of Orion & connect to the teachings of Dragon power

Empowerment Workshop - Learn to navigate your empowerment journey so that you can clear negative emotions, stop leaking energy and learn how to hold your Light in all circumstances playing out in your Life

Cutting the Cords - Clear cords & hook ins so you can free yourself up energetically and hold more Light

Cultivating the Master Position - Learn how to stay detached as the observer so you can stay more balanced emotionally and not get caught up in others projections and negativity


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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