Fundamental Training

In this three-day workshop you will learn practical energetic procedures that create alchemy in your body, and open you up to intuitive guidance. Through the energy and teachings revealed in this training event you will also learn how to channel the Transference Healing® frequencies to support divine healing and ascension.

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This supports you to break down patterning that creates limitation, allowing manifestation and flow to become a part of your everyday reality.

The Transference Healing® Fundamental Training is an inner journey.

Through the Transference Healing® lineage, you are supported to go within, connect to your Higher Self, and reawaken divine gifts and talents.

This three- day training is a powerful template or tool that will support you to integrate your lightbody and align yourself with the new, evolving world. It creates an alchemical healing response, so you can sustain new levels of wellness. It also connects you to your highest spiritual potential, awakening more evolved levels of consciousness. This profound teaching will help you tap into your multidimensional being.

The Fundamental procedures have been anchored onto the planet by Alexis Cartwright, incorporating frequencies and elements that resonate from the Earth and cosmos. By becoming a Transference Healing Fundamental Graduate you are empowering yourself to integrate with the lightbody and ascend into the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body. This is the technology bestowed by Enoch.

In this three-day Fundamental Training you will experience a profound and life- changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light. Through it, you will connect to the universe in a powerful way while being energetically templated to run a Transference Healing® session. The fundamental procedures are the structural foundation to master as a healer so you can begin

channelling the Transference Healing® frequencies.

Regardless of how many higher levels of Transference Healing® training you may attend, you will always run the Fundamental procedures. These are the procedures that create alchemy in the physical body

Price - Fundamentals Training £1665 - Resits £480

what's included;

3 days of training with Chloe on her sacred land 

318 page Fundamental Training Manual. 

7x full colour templates + healing record template. 

Lightbody Kit containing 77 mother tincture essences in handmade box. 

Lightbody Kit book, including colour images of the Lightbody Kit crystals.

 Fundamental/Advanced digital download; audio recording spoken by Alexis. 

Fundamental Training certificate of completion.

3x Homemade Vegetarian Lunchs

Snacks & Beverages Throughout the day 

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Fancy taking your training to the next level?

 Retreat and immerse yourself in an environment that fosters spiritual growth, learning and expansion .

** please note each accommodation is varying walking distances away from the training except for Kilworth House

Can't make it in person?

Chloe doesn't offer online Transference Healing® trainings but this option is available with Alexis Cartwright the founder of Transference Healing®. If you would like to train with Alexis you can join via Chloe's affiliate link where you'll also receive Chloe's New Earth Healer Codes Workshop for FREE. 

(Please note you'll only receive the New Earth Healer Codes workshop for free when you use the above link)