Become a Guiding Light For Others

There is so much energy at play in our lives right now

As a lightworker it’s vital that you can sustain a higher vibration even if those around you are struggling

There is such a global clearing occurring on the planet right now, that many people are not able to clear as quickly and as effectively as normal. This means they are holding onto a lot more negativity than usual and as a Lightworker and empath you can become susceptible to this negativity, absorb it and then start to feel drained, depleted and emotionally overwhelmed!

I have recorded a Cutting of the Karmic cords frequency meditation to support you a this time

This is a powerful energetic procedure that will support you to stay detached and vibrating at a higher frequency.


Here’s what others are saying about this frequency meditation:

“One of the best cord cutting meditation 🙏🏻

“Listened twice, and feel more cords were released than all the times I’ve done this before... actually deeper roots are coming out... ‘root cause’ cords! 💜 thank you for this amazing frequency 🙏

“So beautiful and powerful ❤️

I would suggest working with this meditation often - this may mean multiply times a day especially if you feel you’re being impacted by others around you, feeling drained, depleted, in overwhelm or generally unwell

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Right now, more than ever, receiving high frequency energy & working with a spiritual tool kit is essential to support you to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high on a daily basis

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