Energy Updates

This lunar month we are seeing a shift in the energy as we move from decoding, releasing and letting go into a birthing phase

Key Themes for this month are:

Birthing & sustaining of holographic realities

Strengthening of Higher self Connection

Staying detached from negative energy - not getting hooked in or leaking energy

Ancestral & spiritual lineage clearing/healing

The recommendations below will support you to integrate these changes into your daily life


Recommendations for everyone

Work with Celestite crystal - sleep with it, attune to it in meditation, wear it. This will open & heal your throat chakra, connect you to the higher celestial realms & bring through more inner peace

Work with your Higher Self on a daily basis. This is crucial right now because of the polarity of realities. Sustaining your connection to your Higher Self will enable you to sustain a higher vibration and co create your new world

Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members

Crystal Connection Meditation - attune & absorb the properties of Celestite to support the further healing of your Throat chakra (after the karmic wound clearing in the group healing) and connection to your Higher self. Depending on the depth of the clearing of your throat chakra you may wish to work with this crystal over a few weeks

Chakra Balancing Meditation - sustaining your vibration at a higher level is very important especially when it’s so easy to get hooked in by others - which can leave you feeling depleted, drained and in overwhelm. I suggest you work with this frequency meditation on a daily basis whilst there is so much energy at play

Uluru Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey - a karmic reset experience to clear your ancestral & spiritual lineage. Working with this journey will over time support you to connect more to your higher gifts & talents

Higher Self Frequency Meditation - use this meditation whenever you feel your frequency dropping and you’re getting caught up either in your lower self &/or others energy . This meditation will support you to recalibrate, connect back or deepen your connection to your Higher Self

Clearing your energy field & cutting the cords Meditation - work with this frequency meditation whenever you feel depleted, drained or overwhelmed but others around you or global consciousness

I highly recommend working with these frequency meditations at least once a day.

Remember you’re trying to clear old patterns & programs that no longer serve you and anchor in higher frequencies of light.

Working with energy & light on a daily basis along with introspection & surrendering is the fastest way to heighten & crystalise these higher frequencies of Light

These meditations, crystal merkaba grid journeys & workshops all have frequencies encoded directly within them.

This is what makes them so impactive.

They’ll support you to keep your chakras open & balanced, your energy flowing well & support you at times when you’re triggered by others around you. 


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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