There has to be a release, a letting go as it were so that Light can fully embody into our physicality. This means that both our base and crown chakra get impacted. The base chakra for the decoding/recoding that has to occur and the Crown chakra for the crystalisation of your Lightbody.

It can be an intense process so here are a few recommendations to support this process


Recommendations for everyone

• Go out into nature and ground through the elements
• Work with Crown & Base Chakras
• Use Crystals - Herkimar Diamond, Clear Quartz, Hematite, Black Tourmaline

Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members

💜 Grounding Light - work with the base chakra to anchor Light into your physical body
💜 Dolphin Magic - for master cell upgrade and crystallisation of your Lightbody
💜 Gnome Magic - for detox of physical body
💜 Crystal Meditation - working with a Crystal of your choice to absorb the crystalline frequencies and properties into your body & consciousness
💜 Chakra Clearing & Charging Meditation - to clear, realign, balance and charge your 7 main chakras focusing 🧘‍♂️ on your base and crown chakra


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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