Venus Star Codes Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey


Travel energetically to the sacred grid point of Paphos in Cyprus.  It’s the birthplace of Aphrodite and the anchor point for Higher Heart frequencies onto the planet.

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  • Explore the frequencies of love, passion & creativity. 


  • Discover how to weave them into your world, making you more magnetic to your desires & soul intentions.


  • Connect to your feelings of self love, self value and self nurturance to deepen your capacity to love others. 



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Venus Star Codes Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey


In this journey we will:

  • Explore the Activation of the Higher Heart Chakra
  • Focus on the Role of Aquamarine and Rose Quartz
  • Discover the Power of Copper for Amplifying your Frequency
  • Tap into the Transformative Power of Spiritual Love




Activation of the Higher Heart Chakra:

This activation aligns us to the divine feminine powers of love, passion & creativity that reside within each of us. 

This connection to the divine feminine is an essential part of the manifestation process.  It creates a state of ease and flow, allowing us to weave our world with Divine love.  This ability makes us more magnetic to our dreams and soul intentions, which in turn, naturally draws them to us.  Consequently, we spend less time struggling or pushing to manifest and experience more joy.

When we embody the frequencies of the higher heart chakra, we create a sense of oneness with the universe.  So we begin to feel at a deeper level, that we are interconnected with all of creation and our soul desires are not separate from us, but rather an inherent part of who we are.  As a result of this deep understanding we manifest from a place of authenticity and alignment.



The Role of Aquamarine & Rose Quartz in this Journey:

  • Aquamarine – to clear the channel between the heart and throat chakras, facilitating authentic and aligned communication.  Thus, it helps us find the right words, frequency, and tone for expressing our truth. 
  • Rose quartz – to enhance unconditional love, promote deeper relationships with others and perhaps most importantly with ourselves.  Furthermore, it supports self-worth, self-confidence, creative flow, and healing of our reproductive organs.



The Power of Copper for Amplifying your Frequency

Copper acts as a conduit for spiritual energy, and has ancient links to Venus and the divine feminine.  Paphos has huge copper deposits and was one of the first places to mine it.

Its ability to conduct electricity and amplify frequencies makes it a potent tool for  connection with the higher realms. Working with copper, connects us to, and anchors higher frequencies of light into both our bodies and the planet.

Copper is a great balancer of energy, supporting it to flow freely throughout our physical and energetic bodies. It has a profound impact on the thymus gland, and the electromagnetic fields around the heart and brain.  Its balancing and unifying properties help boost our immune response and support overall feelings of well-being.



The Transformative Power of Spiritual Love

Accessing and embodying spiritual love requires us to go into the deeper chambers of the heart. Through initiations and activations, we may unlock the true essence of spiritual love and experience the transformative power it holds.


An essential aspect of this journey lies in the connection between the heart chakra and the throat chakra.  As channels for authentic expression and creative flow, these two energy centres serve as a conduit; enabling the pure essence of love to be conveyed outward. This connection allows us to not only fully express our deepest feelings but also tap into our creative potential.  This is the gateway to unlocking the purest flow of divine inspiration.




As we deepen our journey into the heart chakra and activate higher heart frequencies, we align ourselves with the frequencies of Aphrodite, the epitome of spiritual love. In this divine alignment, we can experience unconditional love and compassion, not only towards others but just as importantly, towards ourselves as well. 


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This Venus Star Codes Crystal Merkaba Grid® journey will support you to activate your Higher Heart, tap into a deeper sense of self-love and self-nurturance, and discover your true worth. 


Step into this magical grid to align to your fullest potential and shine your unique light out into the world.


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