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Discover how to awaken your Inner Magician to master your higher self, embrace your inner power and manifest more abundance in your life.


Are you feeling disconnected from your own power?

Do you self sabotage or limit yourself? 

Do you struggle with negative projections from others, or find it difficult to recognise and honour your unique gifts and talents?


If so, you’re not alone.


Many people experience a lack of personal empowerment and self-esteem, as a result this can hold them back in both their personal and professional lives.   Consequently, this can have a limiting effect on their ability to create an abundant reality and step away from the 3d struggle.


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Awaken Your Inner Magician


By awakening your inner magician, you can tap into and refine your inner power for transformation, manifestation, and the ability to fully anchor and embody your spiritual energy. This enables you to create change in the world.


The path of the inner magician is designed to help you discover and unleash your inner power.   Through it, you will increase your self-worth and develop a sense of personal empowerment that will help you succeed in all areas of your life.   This journey is rooted in the philosophy that everyone has their own unique spiritual gifts but it takes commitment and dedication to fully embody them.




The Magician’s Journey


When you step onto this empowerment journey you’ll:

  • Dive deep into the path of owning your gifts
  • Discover how to navigate power plays
  • Uncover how to stay balanced during initiations around power.
  • Explore the importance of owning and developing your spiritual gifts
  • Overcome past life patterns
  • Navigate initiations around power, self-worth, and self value
  • Step up to bring your unique gifts out into the world.

Connect to Your Higher Self


When you begin to hone your intuitive abilities, you’ll discover the importance of clearing emotional blocks and wounds by staying in your heart space.  Consequently, when you can tune in and recognise what’s really going on, you’ll feel empowered to respond differently to situations and this is another level of self empowerment.


It supports you to clear negative projections or self limiting patterns that previously drained your power and depleted your energy, these may have been stopping you in your tracks and sabotaging your efforts.



Having these kinds of internal processes that support you to own your gifts and develop your self-worth is hugely important.  It supports you to recognise and work through lower emotions such as fear, jealousy and negative projections from others.  Thus enabling you to stay balanced amidst chaos and negativity.

Support for Awakening Your Inner Magician


Creating time for reflection and journaling, as well as exercises to help you identify and acknowledge your unique spiritual gifts is key. Journal prompts can be a helpful tool to focus on your spiritual gifts and the initiations you may be facing. You’ll also work with the frequencies of the Magician Tarot card to help you achieve a state of balance, and receive guidance for working through past life patterning that may be holding you back.

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Awakening Your Inner Magician is ideal if you feel;



  • Stuck in power plays or projections
  • Disempowered or stuck in a ‘little me’ mindset
  • Struggling to connect to their unique gifts
  • Experiencing self sabotage or low self worth
  • Ready to manifest more through their unique gifts


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How Can I Awaken My Inner Magician?


So whether you’re a seasoned light worker or just starting to explore your spiritual gifts, this journey will help you tap into and unleash your full potential.


The inner magician gives you the tools and techniques to help you stay balanced and empowered in all aspects of your life.

You’ll feel confident, centred, and ready to move forward.


So if these themes are resonating with you, enrol for ‘Awaken Your Inner Magician’ now

Take up the challenge to Master Your Higher Self, Embrace Your Inner Power & Manifest Abundance



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