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Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth – Chloe Cousins


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Why are we currently feeling such huge shifts around finances, abundance, manifestation & wealth? 


Furthermore, these shifts are happening not just on a personal level but also within our communities and globally too.

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The topics of Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth may feel triggering or uncomfortable for some of us.   Even so, they’re actually key to humanity’s wider ascension journey and a vital part of our evolution.  Mastering them is a process that’s likely to continue over many lifetimes and ultimately, brings us to a point where we can effortlessly manifest our dreams through to our physical reality.



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Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth 

  1. Collapse & Purification 
  2. Identify your Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth Triggers
  3. Decode & Recode Subconscious Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth Programming
  4. Living as a Sovereign Being
  5. Clearing Old Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth Programmes
  6. Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth – Empower Yourself


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1. Collapse & Purification 


In order to create these huge shifts of consciousness, we will experience many phases of purification and upgrades along the way.  

Currently, we are seeing the release of old 3d structures and strategies that humanity has aligned to for thousands of years.  

These old institutions and systems have until now, managed and controlled the foundations of our communities.  Consequently, as they begin to collapse, so do the 3d, linear timelines that have kept us in a closed loop matrix.   

Once these limiting patterns, programmes and beliefs clear from our consciousness we can begin to embody our natural abundance codes and birth more of the 5d New Earth frequencies.  


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2. Identify your Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth Triggers


As we experience the depths of this purification process, money issues and triggers are going to come up for us. 


Triggers can make us feel unsettled, unstable or even adrift


We witness familiar things falling away and have to make conscious choices to hold or release and unhook from them.  Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for each one of us to really tap in and examine the beliefs and programmes we hold around abundance, manifestation and wealth.  



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If you’re not sure about your beliefs around money, then ask yourself:


What does your bank account look like? How is money coming to you?  Are you struggling?  Is there enough flow? 




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3. Decode & Recode Subconscious Programming around Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth


You may be aware of some of your triggers and programmes but a lot of your restrictions and limitations will be held in your subconscious so you’re not even aware of them.  

Bearing this in mind, whenever you feel uncomfortable or emotionally triggered around wealth, abundance, manifestation or lack, tune in more deeply.  Feel into the trigger and the patterns that have kept you small, locked in and disempowered.   

You cannot make the shifts of consciousness unless you identify and feel into these uncomfortable beliefs.  Once you are aware of the limitations, make conscious choices in the moment, clear the patterning and then recode a new pattern.  


The most empowering thing to acknowledge is that YOU get to choose your new patterning, this is potent work and no one else can do this for you.  Choose from an empowered place where all possibilities exist – what are you choosing to imprint within your new blueprint?


Ask yourself;-

  • Who are you becoming?
  • What do you dream of birthing for yourself?
  • Where are you upgrading? 
  • How can you expand more?


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Just as the COVID pandemic was really supporting us to clear issues around our health and ability to heal ourselves, this next shift is going to support us to clear our issues around our ability to be abundant and embody our wealth codes. 



4. Living as a Sovereign Being


This is the reason we are here on this planet right now in a physical body on a physical planet.  We need our physical bodies and energy systems to act as the conduit through which we birth from the un-manifest into the manifest.  This learning is a massive part of our ascension journey and supports us to birth New Earth.  


Living as sovereign beings, embodying our natural abundance codes and having a totally abundant ability to manifest is our birthright.


However, until you start to really clear the codes of limitation within you, your service work is also halted or limited.  This is because birthing New Earth and living as a sovereign being also means the total embodiment of your abundance codes, and a total abundant ability to manifest. 


So if you are restricted in one it’s likely you will be restricted in the other as they are so closely linked. 


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5. Clearing old Programmes around Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth


Many spiritually aware people really struggle because there’s often  been some deep, deep programming around money, abundance and manifestation.  Many have subconscious patterning around having to work hard, struggle, fight or stick to a regimented 9-5 schedule.  Some will have taken vows of poverty, chastity or silence in past lives and still hold that patterning of restriction in their blueprint.  


However, we now have the opportunity to live in a new hologram, where abundance & wealth in all its forms is a natural part of your divinity. 


For others there may be a fear of stepping fully into their abundance and manifestation ability due to the abuse of power in previous lifetimes.  Perhaps they fear the implications of being truly abundant and this limits them at a subconscious level.


Perhaps there is a fear of how they will be seen by others if they draw wealth and prosperity towards them. 


What are the feelings that come up for you when you see yourself as a truly abundant being?  


Look within, do you find places that make you feel uncomfortable? How can you upgrade these feelings, where do you want to release and how can you reprogramme?


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6. Abundance, Manifestation & Wealth – Empower Yourself 


Although the majority of the population struggle to connect up spiritually, light workers are already doing that.  Therefore, once they can clear these old patterns and limitations within themselves and stand in true alignment, they become empowered manifestors.   This enables them to connect up and bring through into their physical reality in a much more powerful way. 


When you uncover your subconscious patterning around wealth & abundance, you empower yourself to shift your perceptions and widen your field of potentiality!!  


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