Anchoring your New Earth Template Mount Shasta, USA 

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey

Vortex of Third Eye energy over Mount Shasta to represent anchoring of New Earth consciousness

Journey energetically to Mount Shasta and begin to Anchor Your New Earth Template at this sacred volcanic mountain.  


Mount Shasta grounds Third Eye consciousness into the planet and is a power zone of alchemy, manifestation and co-creation.  Furthermore, it will support you to crystallise the new 5d holographic consciousness into your reality.

The Landscape of Mount Shasta 

Mount Shasta is part of the volcanic Ring of Fire around the rim of the Pacific Ocean and is made up of four overlapping volcanic cones.  It is also part of the Cascade Mountains ranging from Sierra Nevada to British Columbia.  It’s a sacred place to many people and holds the magical frequencies of Gaia, Lemuria and the elemental realms.

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Discover Legends and Myths of Mount Shasta

  • Native American tribes - the Wintu who believed their people were birthed out of a sacred spring on the mountain

  • Bigfoot legends 

  • UFO sightings linked to Pleiadian Beings

  • Ascended Masters - The ‘I am’ movement was founded here after Guy Ballard met St Germain when walking here

  • Lemurian civilisation - legend says the lost crystalline city of Telos is under this great mountain

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Mount Shasta & Purification frequencies

With its potent volcanic energy, Mount Shasta represents the energy of purification through fire.  It therefore carries the frequencies of death and rebirth as it guides us to release, decode and clear.  The energies of this sacred grid vortex can pull up to the surface anything which is ready to be released.


fire pit and purification

Elemental frequencies of Mount Shasta

This area holds the frequencies of Gaia and the elemental kingdoms, with caves, tunnels, sacred water and wildlife.  

There are many sacred springs, waterfalls and lakes, whose waters carry the healing frequencies of this sacred vortex grid point.  

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Mount Shasta and Higher Frequencies  

  • Mount Shasta is recognised as the third eye chakra of the world and clears third eye distortions by bringing in more light.  However, it is also able to match your vibration enabling you to bring through whatever you need at the time. 

  • Zero point energy resonates here and allows you to access all that was, is or will be.  This means you can re-write your energetic blueprint and deactivate certain frequencies to refine and build new ones.  Clearing and refining in this way enables you to co-create your New Earth Template. 

  • Light Codes, DNA and Starseed memories can all be activated here, making it a potent portal for transformation and alchemy. 


Alchemy & Lightbody technology

  • Creates a purification process of perceptions and patterns 

  • Shifts consciousness around the sense of self

  • Expands & elevates consciousness

  • Shifts holographic template

  • Grounds the New Earth template into the body and consciousness

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Mount Shasta and Manifestation

This sacred site is a power-zone of manifestation through the grounding of Third Eye consciousness into the body.  It therefore enables you to tap into frequencies of manifestation and inspiration then bring them through into your physical reality.  For this reason many creatives have come here to tap into the frequencies and ground their inspiration into reality. 

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girl sitting in lotus position meditating to open third eye

Opening Your Third Eye

The frequencies of this Third Eye vortex will support you to awaken, clear and activate your Third Eye Chakra.  However, this process cannot be forced, so the frequencies will support what is in line with your higher self.  Third Eye awakening can support you in the following;

  • Purifying and decoding perceptions that may be limiting you

  • Filtering more light into your body and consciousness

  • Connecting to different worlds and dimensions

  • Bringing in more peace and clarity

  • Expanding your consciousness

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Connect to the magic and mystery of Mount Shasta here 

Vortex of Third Eye energy over Mount Shasta to represent anchoring of New Earth consciousness

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