Alchemical Union, Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey 

This Alchemical Union, Chalice Well, Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey will connect you to the magic and mystery of Avalon.  Enabling you to work with the vibrations of the Red and White springs and the frequency of alchemical union 


Alchemical Union, Chalice Well includes prayers to the Goddess Brigid & Our Lady of Avalon.  It can facilitate an energetic connection to Avalon, supporting you to make a deeper connection to the Goddess.  You can also explore;

  • Red & White Springs 
  • Holy Grail Legends 
  • Divine Goddess Frequencies 
  • Alchemy & Union 
  • Heart Purification 
  • Sacred Geometry 
Chalice Well where the Red and White springs of Avalon unite to create an Alchemical Union of the Divine

Alchemical Union & the Red & White Springs

  • The Red Spring is located in the Chalice Well Garden and represents Divine Masculine energy, the manifest, the god aspect.  
  • The White Spring represents the Divine Feminine, the unmanifest, the Goddess energy and is located a few metres outside the Chalice Well Garden. 

This separation of the Red and White Springs mirrors the separation of the divine feminine/masculine energies within ourselves.  Similarly, their reunion represents the reunification of these sacred energies within humanity.

The Springs themselves contain Holy Water which is seen as a gateway to the spirit world.  The impact of this water on the human body which is 70% water is huge.  Furthermore, it is greatly affected by the lunar frequencies and their gravitational pull.  Metaphysically, water represents the emotions and the subconscious, controlling all fluids and flow within the body. 

Wherever Holy Water manifests, it carries the frequencies of that specific grid point.  This means it can initiate a unique and powerful alchemical healing of the body & consciousness.


Here at Glastonbury the Red & White Springs carry the frequencies of Avalon and Alchemical Union.

Alchemical Union & the Holy Grail

  • Myth and Legend state that the Holy Grail or Chalice which is a receiver of higher Goddess frequencies, was brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea
  • The location of the Red Spring marks the spot where the Chalice was buried.  
  • The Chalice Well itself was built by the Druids 
  • Its beautiful lid incorporates the Sacred Geometry of the Vesica Pisces.

Alchemical Union & Divine Goddess Frequencies 

full moon to new moon

The white spring dates back to pre Christian times and is located within a dark cavernous space which represents the Divine feminine frequencies.  The sacred atmosphere is amplified by the shrines honouring;

  • Our Lady of Avalon - an ancient energy worshipped in Avalon for over 1000 years and linked to death, rebirth and surrender 
  • The Goddess Brigid is also honoured as guardian of all sacred wells and springs and goddess of Spring and fertility. 
  • King of the Faery Realm.  

golden line

Alchemy & Union 

Although alchemy is often seen as the quest to turn base metals into gold, the real alchemy is inner alchemy through spiritual transformation. Humanity's quest is to unify states of opposition and move from a state of separation into a state of oneness, to become ‘whole’.  This is a never ending cycle of death and rebirth.  The frequency of Alchemical Union found here at the Chalice Well is a doorway into creating greater states of unification and transformation within. 

The Alchemical Union represents the union of the divine feminine and masculine energies.  For centuries these frequencies have been polarised but now it’s time to reconnect, harmonise and unify them.

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Alchemical Union & Heart Purification

  • Glastonbury is known as the heart Chakra of the world.  This means that you may experience a purification of your heart energies, once you connect into the frequencies.  
  • The magical and elemental vibrations support you to clear distortion and lower vibrations in your energy field.  
  • Upgrade to a state of love & compassion as you birth your 5d reality and open the second chamber of the heart. 
  • Expanded heart based frequencies connect you to the Goddess at a deeper level.
  • Tap into the elemental realms and the magical beings for healing, harmony, balance and rejuvenation.
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flower of life

Alchemical Union & Sacred Geometry 

Explore the sacred geometry of this journey to Chalice Well

  • Vesica Pisces 
  • Flower of Life, 
  • Raven Power
  • Black Ray
  • Mary Magdalene

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Connect to the magic and mystery of Alchemical Union here 

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