Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to
Gebel Barkal, North Sudan

pyramids at Gebel Barkal

Uncover the veils and sacred codes to the lost and little explored ancient site of Gebel Barkal

In this journey to Gebel Barkal you will explore the mysteries of:

  • The Nubian Temple
  • Nubian and Egyptian Pyramids
  • Holy Mountain (hill or mound) which lies deep within Northern Sudan land.  Bordering the Nile River banks and the city of Karima.

This is the first sacred site divinely downloaded in Chloe’s 

Egyptian Ascension Temples Gridding Tour

Each sacred Temple holds a unique blueprint and hologram to divinely support your ascension process.  

Nubian and Egyptian temple pyramids

Gebel Barkal was historically part of the ancient kingdom of Kush.   

  • Access and activate your Pleiadian Star Code Origins  
  • Connect to and absorb the crystalline technologies and frequencies from both the Nubian and Egyptian temple pyramids

The pyramids of Gebel Barkal  formed part of the Southern Egyptian Empire, situated at the most southernly end point of the Kingdom.  These ancient structures make a natural starting point for the temple gridding tour which takes in seven further temples before reaching it's final destination and activation at the Pyramids of Giza.

Embody more structure and stability in your physical body through the grids at this sacred Nubian site.  You'll be supported to ground into your root and Earthstar Chakras – recode to decode

Holy Mountain of Gebel Barkal

Gebel Barkal & Ancient Connections

The temples, caves, Holy Mountain and pyramids of Gebel Barkal have a direct connection with the Goddess Mut and God Amon.  Both were honoured and worshipped here, especially within the cave temples.  The powerful combination of primordial/elemental frequencies, mythical traditions and ancestral wisdom make this a potent sacred site, which is further ignited by the grid.

  • Recalibrate your blueprint within this holy sites power Pyramid grid.  Herein lies hidden keys and codes to elevate and reactivate your divinity path.   
  • Activate, awaken and rebirth your Sovereign and Divinity Keys.  Shift DNA mutations to receive and infuse more light into your Adam Kadmon body.
Night Sky showing stars of pleiadian system

Gebel Barkal & Pleiades Star System

Tap into the cosmic magic of Ancient Nubia!!  It's a perfect viewing point for the seven sisters or Pleiades star system and light beings.   Share the frequencies which have attracted mystics and poets to receive galactic star seed origins – which serve as both the cradle and the throne of all humanity.  

Gebel Barkal & Pleiadian Frequencies 

  •  Experience an upgrading and stabilisation of your root chakra and absorb codes from the Pleiadian star systems.
  • Tap into the frequencies of Pleiadian beings of light to release and transmute grief from your heart centre.
  • Amplify your sovereign and divinity codes to elevate and activate your personal blueprint.  Begin to serve humanity’s ascension journey through your Galactic Starseed Origins.
  • Lift the veils and absorb the energies from the Holy Mountain, Pyramids and Sacred Temple complex.  These frequencies connect up cosmically to the Galactic/Pleiadian star systems and allow access to the divine forces of the natural world.
Egyptian ruins with two white serpents wound together

Gebel Barkal & Serpent Frequencies 

  • Absorb the serpent energies and delve into the technology of Kundalini through snake or serpent magic, activating the third eye.  

  • Divinity codes are weaved through this transmission to support your first or second rebirthing.  

  • Use Serpent energy to shed anything that is not fully serving you or has become dense, heavy and outdated, through the mutations of your DNA.   

Coming Soon!!!

  1. The Temple of Isis

  2. The Temple of Kom Ombo.       

  3. Temples of Karnak

  4. Temple of Dendera

  5. Temple of Luxor

  6. Temple of Abydos

  7. Great Pyramid of Giza Complex

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