New Moon in Virgo Healing Upgrade & Feedback 


August 27th 2022 



new moon in virgo


Key Themes for the New Moon in Virgo


  1. New Moon in Virgo Energy Update 
  2. New Moon in Virgo Essences 
  3. New Moon Animal Magic Energies
  4. New Moon Virgo – Healing feelings of Disconnection & Separation
  5. Support from Pleiadian Frequencies 
  6. Consciousness & Rebirth 
  7. New Moon Recommendations for Temple Members
  8. New Moon in Leo Recommended Teachings


  • New Moon in Virgo Energy Update 


Virgo New Moon brings a focus to your daily habits and routines on a very practical level. Consequently with this new moon you’re being supported to look at what you’re doing on a day to day basis.  


Furthermore, feel into the different areas of your life and ask where you could upgrade your habits and perceptions. 


This focus is quite intense for everyone:

  • Firstly

    place your focus where you feel intuitively drawn. You might be drawn to focus on your abundance codes, your physical health or an outdated perception.  


  • Secondly

    look into what structures, systems or routines you can put into place in a practical way.  For example, getting more organised with your finances, or walking daily in your lunch break.   These new strategies will support you in the coming months to stay centred, balanced and in harmony.


The New Moon is perfect for setting new intentions


new moon in gold



  • New Moon in Virgo Essences: 

    New Moon in Virgo
  • Rose Quartz
  • Dioptase
  • Grief
  • Rainbow
  • Rebirth
  • Venus
  • Fire
  • Purple
  • Octahedron 



This month the essences such as rose quartz support the opening of the heart chakra at deeper levels. This is to allow the release of grief and the healing of issues around separation. 


This healing enables us to reconnect at a deeper level to the elements and elementals for energy and rejuvenation. 



  • New Moon Animal Magic Energies:- 


  • Phoenix – alchemy, purification and rebirth 

  • Falcon – shifts of consciousness 

  • Butterfly – graceful transformation  




Phoenix signifies alchemy, purification and rebirth

 animal magic energies for new moon

Alchemy – The very highest frequencies of crystalline light are initiating a deep level purification; can you make conscious choices to release and decode in the moment?

Purification – Decoding can be seen on any levels of your being including; health, relationships, finances, energy or business but it can feel chaotic and overwhelming at times; will you hold on to the familiar or can you surrender and release with ease and grace?

Rebirth – Phoenix signifies the rebirth following the purification; where are you letting go to start again? How are you rebirthing? 

Falcon signifies shifts of consciousness  


Falcon supports your third eye to bring in higher frequencies of light; connect to your higher self daily and journal any insights or wisdom.

Which patterns and beliefs are you clearing?  Clearing third eye distortions has an impact on your perceptions; which outdated and limiting patterns, beliefs and templates will you decode and recode? 



Butterfly energy signifies graceful transformation  

golden butterfly of transformation

Can you surrender to the change? Can you trust in the guidance of your heart and have faith in the flow and changes of your sacred journey?

Are you getting stuck in the small details? Are you trying too hard to control or steer the change or focusing on the small details of ‘how’ or ‘why’? 

Are you welcoming the change? Tap into the frequencies of excitement, creativity, energy, fulfilment and joy as you move forward.

It’s a powerful process and you need faith and trust that the rebirth will follow the purification. 





  • New Moon in Virgo – Healing feelings of Disconnection & Separation 

This New Moon encourages you to explore feelings of separation and how you can refine and upgrade them. 


For instance, when you look at another physical object you probably have a feeling of separation or disconnection.  


However, all physical objects are energetic beings, just as you are!



flower of life

So begin to heal that sense of separation from other energetic beings and instead, forge a resonance with them.  


These feelings of disconnection and grief go back over many, many lifetimes, all the way to Lemuria.


During these times we were more quasi dimensional, more light and electromagnetic than physical.

  Eventually, through many incarnations, we descended into a 3d structure with a 3d Blueprint and 3d DNA.  This disconnection from the light into a 3d structure created a huge separation within our energetic system. 


However, that divine blueprint is still totally within us, it’s just been locked throughout the four aspects of our beingness. 


A big aspect of our divinity process is our ability to mutate our DNA to unlock those more divine aspects or potential within us.  Specifically, it’s going from that two strand DNA to the 12 strand and ultimately to the 22 strand.  This process involves spiritual technology; the Kundalini, the seven chakras and the five higher chakras.


Going forward, we’re unlocking our blocks and making shifts of consciousness.  This will enable us to reconnect to the universe and our Divine Self through a re-awakening and remembering process. 


egyptian symbol

This process is linked to the Osiris/Isis teachings as we tap more into the totality of our divine blueprint. 


Moreover, as we shift and recalibrate our personal hologram into the wider hologram, we also shift our reality. 




  • Support from Pleiadian frequencies 

Although Pleiadian energy is galactic, it’s also very elemental and connects us to the elemental realms. 

Our Pleiadian aspect, present during our time in Lemuria was lost as we descended into a 3d reality.  The impact of this is that we’re no longer fed energetically through the elements as much as we could be. 

Therefore, whenever we’re going through upgrades or shifts, connecting to the Pleiadian dimension is going to support us.  



golden line


  • Consciousness & Rebirth 


We are absorbing increasing amounts of light to become a more crystalline being of light.  


Consequently as we integrate more light we go through death/rebirth cycles, eventually activating our Merkaba codes.   This is called the second rebirth where you’re starting to anchor more of your Christ Consciousness or Divinity Codes. 


woman surrounded by light

  • First Rebirth – from 3d to 5d, the Kundalini rises and you go through many shifts which impact the third eye.


  • Second Rebirth – from 5d to 7d, you’re going through higher shifts and initiations.  However, your consciousness is at a level where you have an awareness of what’s happening. So although it’s more intense, that higher level of understanding makes it easier to navigate. 



As yoeye of horusu expand more through your third eye, your physiological system has to adjust/purify.  


 This purification enables you to perceive and communicate with different realities and higher beings, for example the galactic, elemental or angelic kingdoms.  



Furthermore you can then download new awarenesses, new knowledge and new frequencies. 



full moon to new moon

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  • Awakening Higher Communication Channels Meditation

  • City Of The Goddess Temples – Angkor Wat, Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey


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