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Decoding & Recoding to Support your Rebirth – Chloe Cousins


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Feeling challenged by the rebirthing energies?  


Discover how Decoding & Recoding to Support Your Rebirth can help you ride the Rebirth wave with more grace and ease. 

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  • What do we mean by Rebirth?

  • What is Decoding and why is it so Important?

  • 6 Tips for Decoding

  • What is Recoding?

  • The Power of Sacred Sites for Recoding

  • 5 Tips for Recoding


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Understanding your Rebirth Process


We’re in a huge re-birthing process right now, which has been foretold throughout the aeons of time.  The ancient masters knew this and even encoded their knowledge into their temples and structures.  This ancient wisdom supports us while we make this huge shift of body and consciousness.

  • First Rebirth – many are experiencing the first rebirth when we move from the old 3d reality into the new 5d reality.  Others are anchoring more into the 5d reality; 
  • Second Rebirth – smaller numbers are experiencing the second rebirth.  This is the shift from the 5d into a 7d reality where they will lead and support others. 


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We’re all rebirthing and this is a time of great transition.  We can’t go back to the old way but the new reality still seems a little unfamiliar and that can feel unsafe!!  However ‘Decoding & Recoding to Support Your Rebirth’, has some simple hints and tips to support you moving forwards



Are you seeing collapse around you?  Things can feel very chaotic as we witness the old 3d structures, paradigms and institutions crumble and collapse around us.  Furthermore, this can really trigger our ego to hold on as it tries to avoid the change. 


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What is Decoding and Why is it so Important?

Currently we have huge and unprecedented infusions of light hitting the planet.  Consequently, this is activating dormant codes within our DNA and  igniting the rebirthing process within each one of us. 


However, these light infusions are a much higher frequency so as they come into our energy field they illuminate  –

  • Blocks
  • Woundings
  • Density 
  • Negativity
  • Karma  


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This means we can feel triggered, challenged, overwhelmed, scattered or depleted.  This is due to the constant fluctuations of energy and the initiations we are experiencing. 


We can feel this:- 

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  • Emotionally related to our feelings or karmic ties

  • Mentally in our thoughts, perceptions or beliefs

  • Physically with pain or restriction

  • Spiritually with light body wounding or DNA blueprint distortions

Decoding is the process of connecting to these triggers or challenges as they arise, then making a conscious choice whether to release them in the moment or hold on to them. 


It’s important to Decode/Recode because it supports us to navigate the whole rebirth process.  Additionally, it enables us to clear old blocks and distortions so we can hold more light.  Then we can access, activate and embody more of our destiny mastery codes. 


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No matter how much you may consciously want the change;

at a subconscious level there will be a part of your ego that is fighting the process!!  




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6 Tips for Decoding:- 


  • Don’t get caught up in the trigger – it’s easy to believe that the trigger is your reality.  When in fact it’s something that has arisen to be released.
  • Keep one foot in each world – as the triggers come up, try to connect into the trigger.  Then simultaneously keep part of you separate so you can witness, release and let it go.
  • Don’t project out – when you get caught up in the trigger it’s easy to project out to others and then judge them in that process. 
  • Be aware moment to moment – be aware in each moment, what is going on for you.  Catch the triggers as they arise then release and let them go.
  • Work with the full moon – the full moon is a great time to work with the subconscious.  It’s perfect for clearing beliefs and perceptions you don’t even know about. 
  • Work with the Astral Plane – clearing the astral plane, can benefit your emotional body, your soul and your electromagnetic field which connects to your lightbody.



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What is Recoding?


Ultimately, what we’re healing is that separation within our sense of self – the process of recoding reconnects us to the universe.


Recoding is the pulling through of light once we’ve created a vacuum by decoding.  However, if there’s no decoding first, you might feel the connection but you just can’t sustain it. 


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At the moment it’s like we’re in one massive Light Body chamber because there’s so much going on astrologically.  Consequently, this means there’s a lot of light and codes coming in, so it’s quite a challenge to keep up. 


We need to constantly clear to allow the light to come through.  Hence, the recoding process is on a day to day level but there’s another very powerful way to recode and that is through sacred sites. 


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The Power of Sacred Sites for Recoding

The planet is made up of a grid work of life and energy, which delegates and orchestrates everything; it’s called the Global Grid Matrix. 


We are also built through the Grid.  Therefore, our ability to birth our divinity, to go through the ascension process, to anchor our higher self into our physical body and to activate our gifts and talents is all delegated by the Grid and our ability to tap into it!!


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Sacred sites occur where there is an accumulation or concentration of gridlines.  This creates a vortex or electromagnetic field of energy, through which all sorts of incredible events happen.  


Each sacred site is completely unique but all sacred sites will raise your frequency and enable you to access their energies in alignment with your higher self. 


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Sacred Sites are portals for;-

  • Healing

  • Inter-Dimensional gateways

  • Downloading new frequencies of light 

  • Receiving Ancient Wisdom

  • Connecting to Ascended Masters

  • Connecting to Angelic realms


If you feel drawn to go to certain sacred sites, it’s because your higher self is guiding you there.  Once there you can access the keys & codes for the next step of your evolutionary path. 

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5 Tips for Recoding


  • Decode constantly –  to recreate an energetic vacuum for bringing in higher frequencies of light
  • Visit Sacred Sites –  as you feel guided to download keys & codes and ancient wisdom for your ascension journey.
  • Follow your Higher Self – and practice stepping out of your comfort zone, because when we’re in the unknown, it allows fear, triggers and lower emotions to come up for clearing. 
  • Keep your space clear of density – and negativity with regular smudging. You can use herbs such as sage and burn resins to raise the frequency of your home and work spaces. 
  • Align to the light – on a daily basis ask your higher self to guide your next steps.


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It’s inevitable that we will make that shift but we do have to navigate this process for at least the next couple of years so that we can infuse more light into our systems. 


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