New Moon in Leo Healing Upgrade & Feedback 


July 28th 2022 



Key Themes for the New Moon in Leo


  1. New Moon in Leo Energy Update 
  2. New Moon in Leo Essences 
  3. New Moon Animal Magic Energies
  4. New Moon brings Leo Season – What’s your Passion? 
  5. Your New Earth Contribution
  6. Upgrade your Self Mastery & Purification
  7. New Moon Recommendations for Temple Members
  8. New Moon in Leo Recommended Teachings


  • New Moon in Leo Energy Update 

Syrian light’s flooding in through the third eye during the Lionsgate Portal, so you may experience lightbody symptoms especially around the head or central nervous system.


The majority of humanity is still in the old 3d world which is in the collapse phase until 2032.  However, there will be a lot more galactic connections coming up around time with Zero point really kicking in next year.  So the more you can stabilise yourself in the 5d this year, the bigger the potential for quantum growth next year.


Ultimately, the Lionsgate Portal is about your divinity codes!  This involves a whole process of spiritual technology and a sequence of codes and energetic shifts that need to occur over many lifetimes.


The rebirthing phase that we’re in right now, is supporting souls to really anchor from the 3d into the 5d.  Others are learning to stabilise themselves in the 5d and additionally there’s the second rebirth from the 5d into the 7d.  This means we’re all rebirthing but at different levels depending on how much we want to accelerate our growth.  

full moon to new moon



  • New Moon in Leo Essences: 

  • Dioptase
  • Chrysoprase
  • Regression
  • Purification
  • Uranus
  • Air
  • Violet
  • Icosahedron 


Essences such as Regression and Purification suggest we’re likely to pull up past life issues so we can clear them at the next level. Be aware of this and try not to get caught up in the purification process but move through it gently and transmute it.  


This healing is going to really support you to integrate the energies and have that shift of consciousness. This in turn filters down into your reality. 


  • New Moon Animal Magic Energies:- 

  • Buffalo Energy –  resources & long term goals
  • Crane Energy – creativity & birthing new projects
  • Thunderbird Energy – high voltage energy & rapid change


The animal energies for the New Moon are woven into the themes of 

faith and trust in the universe


Buffalo Energy is all about resources & long term goals

  • Do you have the resources? It could be resources in terms of finances, money, energy, health or time,  either internal or external resources. 
  • Can you surrender and trust? Can you trust the Universe and surrender to it?  Do you have faith those resources will be there for you when you need them?
  • Do you have faith in your long term goals?  A big aspect of the buffalo is around travel, with an almost nomadic feel to it.  Can you move from here to the next step and do you know where you are headed in the longer term?



Crane energy is about creativity & birthing new projects

  • Journal to ground your visions – writing things down can help to really solidify your creative projects or new projects that you’re birthing.
  • Connect to your Contribution – but have an understanding that it may change, grow or evolve over time.
  • Think bigger & clearer – the more clarity you have, the wider your perspective.  Energetically this means you can step into a much bigger space and navigate the day to day from that wider vision.
  • What’s your legacy? Where would you like to go with your Contribution? Look at the bigger picture and create a legacy. 



Thunderbird is all about high voltage energy & rapid change


  • Ride the wave – be prepared for old 3d patterns, templates and beliefs to come up.  They are no longer in alignment with who you’re becoming and are ready to be cleared.

  • Make conscious choices – when triggers come up, ask yourself ‘am I ready to let go of that feeling, belief, program or template and bring in a new way of being?’ 



  • New Moon brings Leo Season – What’s your passion!

Leo season is the perfect time to think about your passions and what fuels you.  Look at your abundance, your self expression, your self authority, your self leadership and what lights you up.  


“You want to be living your life so that what lights you up is what you’re doing.” 


This is where your revenue incomes and revenue streams are also tapped into. However, you may have blocks around abundance and manifestation, or codes that say you have to work hard to earn money.  Similarly, if you’ve been templated to a 3d job with 9-5 hours, then you’re going to have to break it down energetically within yourself to create your new reality.


“Create a place where you’re connecting to abundance, breathing in that manifestation and living a life that’s aligned with your soul, heart and passions.”

Lion represents Leo with new Moon image

There needs to be an alignment between the guidance you’re getting from spirit and your ability to anchor it down through your emotional, physical and mental bodies. So any of those areas that are not in alignment with those original impulses are going to need to be cleared.  This means you’ll need to shift within yourself, shift your programming, shift your templating and also shift your identity.  Leo energy right now is absolutely perfect for it. 


Your blocks will come up but that’s where the opportunity lies!  You literally have to consciously choose not to live by those templates.  You have to consciously rewire or decode and then consciously choose to rewire and recode new programs into your energetics.  Only you can do that! 


“The quickest way to know what programming you’re running with is to look at your reality with regard to your money”


  • What’s going on in your bank account? 
  • What’s going on with the money coming in? 
  • Is the money coming in related to your passion? 
  • Are you working hard to get that money?


  • Your New Earth Contribution

One of the key frequencies of the New Earth is about your contribution and service. 


“Where are you in understanding the contribution and the service 

that you provide in this New Earth?”


It’s about getting really clear on how you’re supporting and serving the world.  Once you have that clarity, the more you can own it.  However, it’s likely that you’ll have to make a shift of identity, to really connect to it and lead with it. 


  • Upgrade your Self Mastery & Purification

I feel depending on where you’re at and your frequency, you’re going to be called to grid your frequency and different areas with your energy.


Do you feel a lack of faith and trust or any other lower emotion or trigger? What you’re really feeling is an awareness of small pockets of that vibration so that you can clear it.  It’s not your reality, it’s just part of the process that enables you to birth something new. 


If you don’t transmute it in the moment, which is real self mastery, you’ll go through a purification process.  When you shift in the moment you can avoid the purification.  For most of us, this means you’ll probably have some things you’ll shift in the moment but others will catch you out!!


So there’s always the choice;


  • What is it you’re choosing to believe in now? 
  • What is it that you’re wanting to tap more into?  
  • What are you weaving more into your reality?    


“That’s the integration process and that’s the embodiment process”


  • New Moon Recommendations For Temple Members:- 


  • Absolute Balance Merkaba Meditation


  • Abundance & Manifestation Detox Meditation


  • City of the Goddess Temples Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey takes you to a physical grid point, where every single energetic part of you comes into alignment. 


  • Sphinx Mastery Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey for Third Eye and Abundance upgrades


Not a Temple Member?  Check out our membership options here


  • New Moon in Leo – Recommended Teachings:-

A six month container for souls who are working towards or starting to activate that second rebirth.  The technology here is a lot deeper to support you to upgrade on all levels.  Additionally you’ll work to manifest your visions and guidance into your physical reality.  This happens when you can bring the vibration of the vision, which is like a coding, down through the whole of your energetic system to fully anchor into the physical.   


As your energetic system is actually based on your hologram, you have to work with your hologram and holographic blueprint.  This will create radical shifts which can take a while as it involves both quantum energetics and foundational energetics too. 

Once you’re really clear on your contribution, then it’s really about getting your abundance codes in place.  Clear your blocks around magnetizing and tapping into abundance, tapping into money, and just manifestation in general. 


It’s so important to have those codes in place because if you don’t, you’ll struggle to get your contribution, offering or service out more into the world.


The course works with the foundational energetics and exploring your beliefs around money, manifestation and abundance.   There’s a lot of inner work and energetics that you need to work on and it’s not like just doing it once.  This means there’s a constant up-leveling to get to each new level and this is what I feel the New Earth codes are about. 

Temple Impact membership is a top tier, with access to everything in the temple but with some additional programs too.   You’ll have access to theDivine Soul Business Accelerator program, which will help you to tap into the energetics of abundance, manifestation and running your soul business.