New Moon in Cancer Healing Upgrade & Feedback 


June 28th 2022 


woman dressed in white veil and new moon behind her

Black Moon Lilith Energy 


A very wild, raw, intense, primal, sexual, sensual kind of feminine archetypal power. 


Black Moon Lilith Energy In mysticism

  1. Is seen in Adam’s first wife who came before Eve.  She is portrayed as a woman who refused to lay beneath him when they wanted to procreate, walking away from the marriage saying ‘I believe that I am equal to you, not beneath you. 


  1. She is a powerful, uncompromising energy because she’s so raw and primal and holds a lot of that warrioress energy.  She will not stand for anything that is not in alignment with Gaia, nature and natural law.  



full moon to new moon


Black Moon Lilith Archetype and the 3d Reality


When you feel into the energy of the 3d where we’ve been locked for hundreds of years, it carries the energy of manmade decree, not of natural law and when you look at that Lilith archetype, you can see how for many souls that aspect that has been suppressed and depressed within us because it was the polar opposite to what’s been playing out on a 3d level. 


She’s very much highlighted over the solstice, so that archetype is pushing up to the surface within us individually and collectively, the shadow aspects of ourselves that relate to the wild, the sexual, the sensual and the raw aspects of divine feminine power.


Of course for us to embrace those energies within ourselves  and within the collective, first of all it triggers within us those aspects that we need to clear and because it’s so powerful it can feel quite difficult and challenging.


However, because of the sheer power that this energy contains I feel that it needs to be acknowledged, balanced, honoured and celebrated within us. 

golden butterfly of transformation

The three cards that came up were; 

  • Raven
  • Tiger
  • Elephant 

woman in red and black with new moon either side of her



“I feel Black Moon Lilith is an aspect of Raven power”


We all know we can manifest with hard work and just pushing, pushing, pushing but there’s another way to manifest and that’s through the magic of the void.  If you can access the invisible realms, the void, and draw from that place into the visible/physical realm, this is Raven power, it’s creation through the power of the void; magic and manifestation. 


“The power of true mysticism is being able to go into the void and be okay there.”  


Many people struggle with being in that unknown space because they feel unsafe and vulnerable, which makes it tricky to navigate but the more you can be okay in the uncertainty and allow that energy to flow all the way through you, the more magic and manifestation you can attract. 


“Black Moon Lilith is quite a big aspect of that void/unknown space because she represents our deepest, darkest secrets, our deepest, darkest corners.”  


Energetically she represents the places within us that we’re most afraid of, the places that we fear and want to just keep suppressed and repressed and we’re likely to have varying degrees of awareness about these places.  Often when we eventually allow ourselves to go into those aspects, we realise it’s not as bad as we feared. 


Discover your Black Moon Lilith

There are many internet sites where you can find out which zodiac sign your Black Moon Lilith falls in and this will help you to discover more about the specific areas involved for you. 


As always this Black Moon Lilith energy is an opportunity to bring things into your awareness but ultimately you always have a choice to look at it or not.  It’s good to remember that you can’t actually consciously co-create effectively whilst you still have ‘stuff’ held in your subconscious that you’re not aware of. 


By bringing them up to the surface, you can choose those stories that you want to hold on to and the stories that you wish to shift and change and maybe look at them from a different perspective. 


tiger with moon behind it


Tiger is all around leadership, balance, and power


When you have Tiger with the layering of Black Moon Lilith, I feel it’s about being able to go deeper into your divine feminine energy, to bring up what you need to bring up and expand more in your consciousness through embracing both your divine feminine and divine masculine. 

To be able to balance out your divine feminine and divine masculine energies you need each of those energies to be as tapped into and connected as the other or your ability to embody your ascension journey will be lessened. 


You can’t be completely connected to both your Divine feminine and masculine power if you’re repressing or suppressing aspects of it. 


That’s why our ascension process is continual because we consistently find new levels of balance within ourselves because we’re constantly having to clear deeper into aspects of our feminine and masculine energy. 


Right now is an amazing opportunity to go deeper into more of our divine feminine energy through the portal of Black Moon Lilith.


So as you connect to those parts which are represented by your Black Moon Lilith, you bring them up and play with those aspects of yourself. That’s going to help you come more into an expanded state of balance between your divine feminine and your divine masculine and your ability to lead yourself.


You can’t expect anyone to template the way for you, you must do it for yourself first, so you become that embodied leader and this is what the Tiger represents. 





Elephant is all around unconditional love and compassion


Elephant is very much around the divine goddess frequencies, going deeper into the heart and clearing grief (one of the essences that came up was grief). 


I feel for some of you, as you work through the energies, over the upcoming weeks you might face some triggering situations and one of the things I would really suggest is that;-


 “before you go out with that warrioress energy, go within yourself and clear what is triggering within you first.”


Once you focus within and clear your own triggers you’re going to be so much more balanced, rather than just automatically throwing it back out there which can create a polarity energy. If you feel called to do something on a collective level, then do it from that embodied, balanced state within yourself;-  


“otherwise, you’ve gone into the polarity and the energy that you go out there with can create a ripple that can be destructive.” 


Ultimately, it’s about connecting to your divinity and sovereignty before taking action.  Whether those actions are something that you do or say or something that you put your money behind,  it’s coming from a place of deep connection within yourself to your sovereignty and to source, otherwise you’re energetically feeding the very forces that want you kept in polarity



golden star

Neptune is now stationary; with higher and lower aspects 

  • Lower Aspects; can be around delusions, toxicity, water, emotions and addictions
  • Higher Aspects; tend to be around your connection to source and the Divine, it’s an opportunity to connect to a higher expression and widen the context of who you are. 


Of course having that higher vision is so empowering on a day to day level, it supports you to lead your life and deal with whatever life throws your way both collectively and personally.  It gives you the Eagle vision to see the blocks ahead, put them into context and see beyond or around the block. 


“Whatever is playing out on a collective level, take it from that higher context because that is where your sovereignty and your power truly lies.”


full moon to new moon


This will really support you to expand your vision by guiding you to craft that higher picture and vision for yourself.


This will support you to constantly recalibrate to divine codes when feeling triggered or challenged.  


  • Cards:- 

Raven, Tiger, Elephant


  • Essences: –  

Moonstone, Rhodonite, grief, salt, Jupiter, Earth, purple, and octahedron