Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to
The Great Sphinx, Giza

Over the rare Jupiter/Neptune alignment I facilitated my latest Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to the Great sphinx, Giza Plateau, Egypt.

The Sphinx holds many secrets and is a powerful guardian to portals, gateways & Temples.

But what secrets is the great Sphinx guarding?

In 1933 Edgar Cayce the famous sleeping prophet, in one of his trance channels stated that beneath the paws of the Sphinx there was a Hall of Records.

This Hall of Records was a library, a depository of knowledge including alchemy, astronomy, mathematics, magic, merkaba and lightbody technology. It also contains the FULL history of our civilisation including Atlantis & Lemuria.

This room was sealed until "the TIME has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience"

These "changes" are the energetic heart changes, the shift of consciousness a Soul must move through to be able to access the deeper chambers of their heart. 

This is the riddle that the Sphinx holds and once a Soul solves this riddle and attains the right heart frequency they then have enough embodied Light to activate the Great Pyramid of Giza through their consciousness for interdimensional travel

Energetic Properties of the Sphinx

Being part Lion and part human the Great Sphinx holds the energetic properties & secrets of the alchemical journey a Soul goes through to embody their divine sovereignty.

This was accomplished through the embodiment of their Lightbody and the full activation of their Merkaba. This enabled a Soul to travel inter-dimensionally through space and time into other dimensions and worlds to absorb more refined frequencies to sustain themselves in a higher reality

The pyramids are the Lightbody chambers for inter-dimensional access whilst the Sphinx is the guardian to the pyramids. You have to have reached a certain heart frequency before you can access these Lightbody chambers energetically

This is delegated via the Sphinx, who through the "Heart of the Lion" transmissions from the royal star Regulus supports the alchemical & lightbody shifts necessary to gain the energetic access to the pyramid

Regulus - Heart of the Lion 

This star is one of the four royal stars that have had a long association with royalty, magic , heart & sovereignty

Attuning to this star and receiving transmissions from it supports you to go into the deeper chambers of your heart to clear distortions held in your electromagnetic field.

This is a much deeper type of healing since these distortions can be associated with genetic weakness's and any thing that involves the CNS and your mind. These distortions come from earlier lifetimes especially Atlantis and Lemuria where these blocks then solidified over eons of time.

Healing & Activating Cosmic Codes

In my Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey, you'll receive keys, codes & transmissions from this Sacred Grid vortex and the power it holds to support your self mastery abilities and tap into your Spiritual potential

For many spiritually awakening Souls our unique gifts and talents can be blocked because of these distortions and the key to unlock this is through the Holy Grail chakra located in the deeper chambers of your heart

If you would like to join this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to accelerate your Spiritual potential & self mastery you access it inside my Temple membership.

In this journey you'll receive transmissions and activations from the Sphinx & Regulus Star to clear blocks and distortions held in your electromagnetic body from times of Atlantis & Lemuria.

Experience the Magic &
Discover Your Spiritual Potential

Nurture Your Soul, Shift Consciousness and Ignite Your Divine Destiny.
No matter what time of day or night you can shift your energy, reconnect to your higher self & get back on track activating your Destiny codes

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