Energetic Update April 1st 2022


Key Themes for the Month Ahead

  • Electromagnetic Energy & Grid shifts
  • Lightbody Symptoms
  • Initiations & Decoding to absorb more light
  • Working with the Causal Chakra
  • Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces – April 12th
  • Finding the Light within when impacted


Electromagnetic Energy & Grid Shifts

  • There is a massive amount of electromagnetic light coming onto the planet right now, and as the light comes down there’s more and more data points & light codes coming through. 


  • As light codes come in, they hit the most dense parts of us; genetic weaknesses & density that’s stored within our patterning & the light cannot fully anchor, so we experience planetary & personal symptoms.


  • For the Planet, you may see weather & geographic disruption as the grid shifts to hold more light, like it did in times of Atlantis and Lemuria. 


  • Personally, the grid shifts impact the physical body as we are all connected to the planet via the global grid matrix. Prior to 2012, the light body system would only come in to create shifts during the death and dying process.  Since 2012, the light body with it’s huge electromagnetic system has really started to come on board but our physical body has to make shifts for this to happen. 

Lightbody Symptoms


Essentially, we’re having a blueprint change, humanity is going through a huge upgrade, our physical structure is changing from a two strand DNA system to a 12 strand DNA system with 22 light codes. This means we will be able to hold more light, because at the present time our two strand DNA system cannot support the amount of light coming through into our bodies. 


Many people will experience lightbody symptoms, such as inflammation, pain in the joints, headaches, viruses or genetic weaknesses.  It doesn’t really matter what label you put on these symptoms, at the end of the day, they’re coming up to be cleared and released from your energy system. 

Initiations & Decoding to absorb more light


‘Everything is very changeable and that’s because of the light coming in and at those times we can feel triggered by what’s going on within us or by outside events.’


  • Essentially we’re decoding past wounding and distortion from Atlantis and Lemuria where we were light beings.  By the time we came to Atlantis, we had lost our ability to travel interdimensionally and go into the world but we still worked with light, crystals, color and sound as we held a higher vibration than we do now. 


  • When we no longer hit the 3d reality Atlantis fell and we became completely separated, we still hold all of that distortion within our patterning, or genetic lineage and it is now coming up to be released so we can hold more light and crystallize our light body. 


  • There are only two main things that stop the light coming through; the way you think and the way you feel; it’s all about your patterning and this is why clearing is so important.  On a daily basis, you need to consistently keep up-leveling, upgrading and realigning to the light. 


  • This process can easily back up, people’s responses can be to shut down and suppress it or to feel triggered and lash out, either way this means you lose the chance to clear those emotions or perceptions.


  • You don’t need to understand whatever it is that comes up as it will take you out of the emotion and can be an ego construct, or avoidance pattern. 


  • Hold or Release? You make the choices as to whether you want to hold on to these patterns let them go. This is the inner work. 


‘If you’re going through a really big initiation, you can feel the impact physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and it can be all consuming. The current energy is all around the electromagnetics and DNA so anything coming up could have an aspect of DNA shifting going on.’

Working with the Causal Chakra 



‘You may be pushed to open up more of your causal chakra’ 


  • One of the highest chakras and works when you have opened the third eye, fourth eye, balanced both brain hemispheres and are tapped into diamond consciousness.


  • Clearing the throat chakra enables you to connect more to your higher self and impacts the causal chakra.


  • Connects you into your higher self, enables you to read the grid and brings through genius-like revelations, inspiration and concepts.


  • Opening this chakra can create a lot of light body symptoms because it is highly impactful on your physical body.


  • It’s a very galactic energy but it can be challenging to come back into your body and then assimilate and rebalance your emotional body.


  • You may feel more connected to spirit with vivid dreams, extra sensory perceptions such as telepathy or psychic abilities


Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces – April 12th


The spiritual highlight of the year!


  • Supports expanded states of consciousness and spirituality 
  • Signifies a potent opportunity to tap into anything around your spirituality
  • Likely to propel your experiences and your ability to connect to source
  • Enhances connections to the elementals, angelic, inner & galactic planes 
  • Birthing a mass spiritual awakening for humanity


Mass Spiritual Awakening & your Consciousness


  • The most important thing is your consciousness.  It’s the only thing that you take with you when you leave this planet and it’s the very core reason for your being on this planet, right now.  


  • Creating Space for You.  Over the last two years, many of us have slowed down, but going forward it’s going to be just as important to make time to connect with what we’re feeling, to release, allow, surrender, and make those shifts. 


  • Recalibrate & Focus on your New Earth vision. Our frequency creates the reality around us, so the more we can stay balanced within ourselves and stay in states of peace, joy, abundance & bliss, the more we are giving energy to that frequency.


  • Your higher self is always guiding you.  Listening and allowing yourself to consistently shift and then follow through with that inner guidance is key.


  • Holding a space for yourself & others. Support yourself & those around you, there is another whole level of growth that comes through when you hold space for others.  


  • Adapting to new healing modalities.  As we evolve on all levels of our being we will find that everything comes down to light, frequency and energy, so this means we will need new techniques and modalities to support humanity to heal at this time.  

Finding the Light within when impacted 


‘It’s easy to be balanced when everything is lovely around us but it’s only at those times when we are challenged & feel triggered, that we get those amazing opportunities to upgrade & shift our perceptions’


“When you feel consumed with emotion, or any kind of density, always look for the light within.  Search internally for the light within you and when you find it, (because it’s always there) just focus on it. As you focus on it, you will feel it get stronger and stronger within, so you can return to a state of peace; it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel.”


‘Feeling unstable is your soul inviting you to clear and bring in even more peace, bliss and joy so that you can hold more light and abundance.’


If you feel impacted by situations around you;


  • Take time out to recalibrate; walk, take a bath, meditate or journal
  • Focus your energy on whatever you wish to see more of in your life.  
  • Come back to centre and breathe in the light

It’s easy to forget that your soul wants it to be here right now! 

It’s challenging but the opportunities for your ascension process and your ability to decode so much from your lineage not only for yourself but for your family line is incredible.


Our Temple & Community are there to support & hold you at all times, say hello in the New Earth Community and reach out to like minded souls who understand the ups & downs of the light worker journey!!


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