Energy Update

Energetic Update for

February 2022


For this month there’s a lot of expansive, outward, forward energy coming through, bringing sudden change, volatility, instability, freedom and even rebellion.  We need to focus on how we navigate this both individually and globally.

Imbolc – The pagan celebration that signifies the first spring and a shift from the contraction of winter into the growth and expansion of spring.

Chinese New Year – The year of the Water Tiger which signifies passion, power and purpose.   The Tiger energy packs a lot of power, courage and ambition so it clearly adds to the forward push of the 2022 energy.

Astrology – All the major planets are direct and the new moon in Aquarius is linked to the incoming Uranium Energy, bringing a focus around truth and science but again concepts around fighting for freedom, standing up, awakening and galactic cosmic energy.

Are you Experiencing Physical Symptoms? 

The very nature of expansive energy means it brings high levels of electromagnetic activity which can mean extreme weather changes or eruptions.

Electromagnetic energy also impacts the global grid matrix & Gaia, causing us to experience physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia or pain as we pick up on these shifts.

If you feel impacted by these events you may need to recalibrate, support and realign your energy system.  There are likely to be many events like this throughout the coming year so get into the habit of grounding yourself as often as you feel guided and whenever you feel impacted.

5 Ways to Recalibrate & Realign your Energy System

  • Walking outside, barefoot if able
  • Spending time in nature
  • Reducing your use of electric gadgets
  • Eating a wholefood diet/periods of fasting
  • Getting good quality sleep & time to rest as needed

When your magnetics are lowered, the cosmic frequencies can filter through more easily so you get a lot more impacted by them.

This is great in terms of connecting up galactically and being more open to multi-dimensional senses but it can be strenuous on the physical body.


 Opening Up to your Inner Guidance

  • When your psychic senses are open and aware, you’re provided with a lot more information than just the 3D and this helps you to get really clear confirmation which boosts your power, faith and trust.
  • For those of you who are really spiritually aware, it’s like coming into your power, really trusting what you’re getting at a multi-dimension level and opening yourself up.
  • When you can say ‘This is me, this is who I am’ and not be influenced or impacted by others, then you’re really holding that energy and knowing who you are at that deep level within yourself.
  • This ripples out and every time you go through some sort of initiation or trigger, you can hold yourself in that balanced way, and not run your energy from a lower frequency. 

Your 2022 Intentions

Generally, during a new moon it’s great to set intentions but at the current time we are entering into a really powerful manifestation vortex, so this is a perfect time to set intentions for 2022.

We are all constantly manifesting but most of us are manifesting subconsciously, without any real intention or idea about why it works or doesn’t work for us. 

However, a big part of the manifestation process is your ability to be very precise about what you want to manifest and then how you align to that new vibration.  So get really clear on what you want to bring through into the new earth, the things you want to see and be part of, going forward.

If you’re not clear on your intentions, how do you know what it is you wish to manifest into your reality?

There are many reasons that make this such a powerful intention setting time and these include;

  • The new moon in Aquarius
  • The Uranium energy
  • Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger,
  • Energy of Imbolc
  • All the major planets are direct

This level of forward, expanding energy is really going to help move everything forward with it – get clear on your intentions & get ready to ride that wave!



Harness the Water Tiger Energy

  • Although Tiger represents an ambitious, go-getting energy, it also shows great poise, knowing when to move forward and when to hold back.
  • It holds the adventurer energy of exploration with freedom of thought and action.
  • The water aspect to the Water Tiger, indicates the emotions, fluidity, intuition and tuning in to those multidimensional aspects of self.


Embody this energy when you feel triggered or find yourself around power plays or projections, it’s a reminder of the need to hold back and look at things from a higher place, hold your light & release your triggers.

When facing an initiation, perhaps you’re about to upgrade your environment, energy, situation or frequency, bring in the Water Tiger energy to support you to hold your light and try to see another perspective.  Then release in the moment so that you can move through the initiation and upgrade your frequency.  Water Tiger energy increases your faith and trust that the universe is always taking care of things.

Knowing when to act and when to hold back allows you to hold your light in any situation and feels so much more empowering, it also allows you to access more of the multi-dimensional aspects of your being.

There’s a lot of beauty, integrity and truth around the tiger, it shows you how to embrace your energetic power without fear and it’s an energy you can call upon whenever you feel yourself becoming unbalanced or ungrounded.

It also allows you to step up into positions of leadership and power, although not in the 3D sense.  Water Tiger leadership is all about your ability to hold a space of power within a 5D template, representing the frequencies of integrity, poise and freedom.  


The animal magic energies were druid, turtle, hawk and unicorn. Gaia & elemental energy, which is because of the earth shifts that are going on.


There’s going to be some incredibly expansive spiritual energies coming through, where the ability to connect more inter-dimensionally is going to blow everything open for people. The earth shifts are supporting that to happen.


The gifts coming through were a lot around psychic perception, insight, clairsentience and wisdom.  Extra sensory powers are coming through and birthing more, this is associated with freedom and the reaching for a new spiritual way of life.


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