Refine your Power, Sovereignty and Co-creation Abilities


  • Look at how you resonate your power and how you connect to it.  
  • Heal issues around times where you’ve given away your power.  
  • When you get a trigger, see it as a gift to prompt you to step up and clear.  


  • Evaluate your reality and ask is what you see consistent with the new 5D template.
  • Are you standing in your power and setting boundaries for what you believe is right?  
  • Are you your own inner authority, or do you need to work on issues around self-worth, limitation, restriction and personal power?


  • What is it that you wish to co create and manifest in your life and in the new world.  
  • If you are in a situation that no longer serves you, look into your power and self-belief.  
  • Clear what you need to clear and co-create something different for yourself. You are the power.

Dream Big!

Although the last 2 years have been about going within to re-evaluate and re-assess, 2022 is a very different energy. It’s much more expansive and asks us to focus on those big dreams. The energy has a faster pace giving us the opportunity to quickly clear through restrictions.

More Outer Collapse this has already been filtering through with revelations and truths coming out but this will continue until it eventually facilitates a collapse of top down structures, top down institutions, companies or anything that is ruling from that old 3D kind of structure.  

Building the New Earth Template there will be a void created by the collapse of the old and this will enable the new 5D structures to come more into the forefront.


  • As a lot of the 3D structures fall away rAevealing corruption and abuses of power, this triggers us all to look at our own personal power and to refine the way we use it.  
  • It triggers us to release blocks, limitations and restrictions linked to our karmic, DNA and past lives highlighting areas where we have not only abused power ourselves but where we have given away our power or where we’ve limited or restricted our power due to fear or other lower emotions.  

My question to you is,
“What are you going to do about it?”  

The energy this year is very rapid, like lightening coming in, it’s swift, it’s rapid, it’s intense, but the flip side of that is that there’s so much potential to very quickly shift what you need to shift. When you shift in the moment you’re really making the shifts within yourself and standing more in your power. You’re not giving your power away, you’re focusing on what it is you wish to see in this new template of yours and are taking action that is in alignment with it.   Again it’s that very rapid decoding/recoding process, getting yourself back into balance as quickly as you possibly can so your inner work is reflected out into your external reality.

Creating the Magic –

  • This is about getting out of your comfort zone, facing the unknown head on and meeting it, that is where the magic happens, where you get the big changes.
  • Always work with your intuition, lead with the feminine and follow up with the masculine energies of action.  

Big Shift Mid January – There’s going to be a big shift around the 18th of January which is going to take us all the way through the first half of this year. The collapse will continue with big institutions falling away or needing to radically restructure.  More people will be coming into their personal power and no longer accepting the things they did before.  

The second part of the year is where we’re going to start really seeing the new 5D reality coming up.

New Earth Community – Community is going to be a big thing going forward for everyone and it’s important to me that we can support each other more, create more collaborations and just be held with others.  I think there’s going to be more and more online communities but also physical on the ground communities as well because as we navigate the year there’s going to be so many shifts and changes that we will need that level of support.  We can look at different aspects and we can share resources and discuss issues that are coming up for people which will be so empowering for us.

Creating A New Golden Age

“As we’re building this New Earth Template, the arts, healing, creativity and culture are really going to come to the forefront because it’s all about inspiration, about shifting inspiration, about shifting frequency, elevation and expansion of consciousness, which really supports the arts and creativity.”

– Chloe Cousins, founder of Earthstar Temple

  • Be your own anchor and find your own internal truth and stability, connect to the universe, your Higher Self, and your intuition for guidance.   
  • Recover your faith and trust in Higher Guidance, take action accordingly, regardless of what others are saying or telling you.  

Setting Intentions is a Frequency Game – here’s 5 tips to help you

  • Always follow your Inner Guidance & work in alignment with your higher self. Your intentions will be your anchor and your guiding light this year.
  • Unsure about your direction? Set an intention to be clearer but don’t create an energy around lack of direction or you could manifest more of it!  
  • You never set intentions? This might be a self-limiting behaviour that stops you moving forward and out of your comfort zone.    
  • Not sure about your goals? Ask to be shown the next step on your path.
  • Feeling triggered when setting goals around money? You are highlighting blocks around abundance and manifestation that are ready to be cleared.

In this way you can start co-creating from that higher position, and not from the position of fear because if you look into the fear and turbulence, you’re just go to create more and more of that. So your mastery comes from consistently being aware when you’re out of sync and then bringing yourself back as quickly as possible back into that inner state of balance. 


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