Are you Seeing Collapse, Control & Constriction?

  • Collapse – This is probably the most powerful point we’ve ever been at on this planet in terms of the acceleration into the New Earth template and so what that means is that anything that is not resonating at that higher 5D frequency cannot be sustained.  
  • Control – However, we live in a universe of duality, so it also means that we are seeing polarities really play out and the next six months are pivotal. For humanity this means we’re going to see more constriction, more control and more collapse because as we see more collapse the energies of the old consciousness will try to create more and more control and constriction to maintain power. 
  • Constriction – There may be fear of the change and of not wanting to make that shift, either consciously or subconsciously which can create a tightening and holding on to the old, so it’s going to be a turbulent 6 months but it’s all part of the grand awakening that will take us to the next evolutionary level.

“We are being invited to template more of our divinity and ultimately to anchor Christ consciousness onto the planet.”

It’s very intense and transformative, with powerful integrations, openings and deep clearings but this is all part of the accelerated energies of the eclipse portal.  For the next 6 months as this eclipse energy transitions, we have an opportunity to really quantum leap our evolutionary and spiritual growth, by accelerating the timelines.  This means we have the potential to anchor something from many years into the future and bring it in right now. 

Clearing Judgement

  • Reflection – As we navigate the external intensity and transformations we will be asked to reflect on our own integrity, honesty and use of power and to refine those areas vibrating at a lower frequency.  
  • Non-Judgement – The key is not to get into projecting judgements because if you judge yourself, others or situations it actually stops or stagnates the transformation process within you as it keeps you locked in to that lower frequency.  
  • Witness – When you witness these actions or thoughts, see it as a blessing because once you see it, you can shift it and this not only clears the pattern but also stops you from leaking energy to that situation. 

Create An Anchor

Detachment and being your own witness will help you to see the bigger picture whilst staying balanced and centred.  You’re consistently clearing so may lose your consciousness at times, so being able to bring yourself back into a state of balance as quickly as you possibly can is key.   

Focusing on the change you want to see gives you an anchor, something to keep you steady and standing in your light or something to come back to when you lose your consciousness. So my first recommendation is to anchor in to your new Earth template or your highest vision for you and the world, then when things start to feel chaotic you have that place of stability and you’re going to find it so much easier to navigate any uncertainty.  

Literally sit down, meditate, or go for a walk in nature and if unsure, when you go to bed at night, ask for more clarity about the bigger picture and write it down to really bring it onto the physical plane.

In this way you can start co-creating from that higher position, and not from the position of fear because if you look into the fear and turbulence, you’re just go to create more and more of that. So your mastery comes from consistently being aware when you’re out of sync and then bringing yourself back as quickly as possible back into that inner state of balance. 

Key themes coming up are issues around freedom, truth and sovereignty and how we use them to birth the New Earth template:

  • Freedom – With current themes around constriction and control, the Sagittarius focus on freedom might lead you to re-assess your life’s purpose or what it is you wish to see and be in the world.  Freedom from an old way of being or an old way of life, freedom from those inner restrictions that we create for ourselves.  Again, external factors are giving us the internal triggers. Where do you not feel free?  
  • Truth – The Sagittarius theme around truth invites us to look at our conscious and subconscious programming, we’ve been held in a 3D matrix for thousands of years which has been very, very limiting, keeping us locked in at a lower frequency. What we need to do now is keep unplugging all those old perceptions, paradigms and programmes that we have previously accepted as truth as they do not align with the new 5D template. This may push you to widen your perception to look at things differently and then to reassemble this within your consciousness.
  • Sovereignty – We are talking about empowerment, rising up, standing in your truth and holding your consciousness at that higher level and not allowing others to project anything other than that. Standing in your sovereignty means knowing who you truly are at a core level and radiating that consciousness out into the world.  Do you tend to give your power away too easily or perhaps you can be overly controlling? We are all being asked to think about how we run our energy, how we think and feel on a moment to moment level and to consider if we can do this in a different and more empowering way.

There is an important distinction to make between aligned action and action from a place of disempowerment.

When you must challenge or dispute an issue come from the position of ‘I am in my truth, I am speaking my truth and I am sovereign in that’. The energy is very different to that of a fearful, disempowered state, which just creates more disempowerment.  

When you feel those internal or external triggers, you may feel like you’re losing your power or freedom and feel restricted.  Go within first of all and clear those perceptions, so that you can feel strong, in your truth, clear and in alignment with your sovereignty. 

Then from this position of empowered alignment take action.  When coming from this shifted consciousness you can shift your whole hologram to create a different reality. 

Recommendations for Aligned Action:

  • Create a clear ‘Anchor’ and state what it is you wish to co create in your 5D template.  Write it down, make it into a mantra, stick it on the fridge so you have it close by and can constantly re-align to it when feeling triggered. 
  • Whenever you feel triggered, particularly around issues of freedom, truth or sovereignty always bring it back into yourself, focus on releasing any feelings or thoughts that may come up by sending love into the area and re-aligning with your anchor vision. 
  • From an empowered and aligned position, take the action you are guided to take. 


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