Sagittarius New Moon & the Solar Eclipse

Dec 4th sees the Sagittarius New Moon which brings brightness, hope and optimism into the short days and long nights of December.  I always feel lifted by the promise of the coming festivities and this added boost of positivity is really going to provide an opportunity for us to think about how we can accomplish our goals. This energy is amplified by the solar eclipse, also on Dec 4th which is likely to bring an acceleration to your circumstances, possibly igniting a major change or re-alignment to your soul’s purpose.  

New moons are seen as a time to set clear intentions, focus on goals and launch new projects as they symbolise the beginning of a new cycle or an opportunity to reset your buttons. When we add in the Eclipse energy of rapid transformation and re-alignment to our soul’s purpose plus the main theme with this year’s Sagittarius season which is freedom, it anchors within us the energy to break out of a rut, to do something new or adventurous and to address those areas where we would like to increase our ability to manifest. It encourages us to look more closely at our goals, our dreams and our visions and begin to set clear intentions to invite in a new level of abundance and creativity. 

Eclipse energy can be seen as disruptive and will unexpectedly close off or shut down opportunities and then facilitate a sudden opening in another direction. Although we can see this as challenging at the time, the eclipse energy is only speeding up what would have happened anyway, so if you have been dragging your feet or procrastinating on an issue, the upcoming eclipse will be sure to give you a bit more than just a gentle nudge in the right direction! 

Thankfully, eclipse energy only wants you to live your best life and be the best version of you that you can be, it brings to light that which is out of alignment on any level of your being, including your work, relationships and home life. It can initiate major change to bring you back into alignment with your true sense of self and with the Sagittarius energy focusing on freedom, it could be that you feel drawn to follow your own goals, dreams or ideas, going so far as to cut ties with certain places, people or situations where you feel a level of restriction or that you are being held back. Sagittarius hope and optimism enables you to see light at the end of the tunnel and to clear away that which is blocking your progress so that you can set clear intentions, aim for your goals and take fearless action in the understanding that although change can be painful it can also be healing and positive. 

Make the most of this positive Sagittarius energy and find ways to weave it into your daily life so that you are attuned to the frequency of positive action, confidence and abundance, enabling you to clear blocks around limiting or negative thought patterns and focus on manifesting your goals and dreams. The key themes you have been working on for the last year are just waiting for you to bring them to reality and this final push of the year will support you to do that. 

Are you ready to make the most of this positive Sagittarius energy and find ways to weave it into your daily life? Work with some of the recommendations to clear blocks or negative thought patterns so you can focus on manifesting your goals and dreams.

We would love to have you join us as part of the Temple and if you sign up before Dec 4th 2021, you will get to be part of the next monthly group healing and live call with Chloe Cousins over the new moon and eclipse portal. 

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