Anchoring 5D Foundations Through Love

We are in the lead up to the Scorpio New Moon so we have that energy of rebirth and transformation and as we come to the end of this year, each month gets more and more intense as we see the polarity play out more and more. We’re going from the 3D Adam Body into the 5D Adam Kadmon body which is essentially a hologram that is shifting within us to allow us to anchor more light and eventually our Christ Consciousness.  Simply put, we are moving from the 3D reality, towards being able to anchor the totality of unconditional love into the physical body and consciousness and for that to happen, our whole DNA is literally mutating.  As we get more collapse around us there’s going to be rapid, rapid change and added to this will be the eclipses coming through with a lot of solar flare, so we need to stay grounded as we anchor the new template through us.

Clearing Fear to Shift our Consciousness

Periods of transition and transformation can release fear that’s been trapped within us.  We have been living in this 3D world and over eons of time this has created feelings of separation and fear but the only way we can reconnect back to each other, to the universe and to spirit is to release the fear and reconnect.  It feels like we have been living in a matrix that has kept humanity locked in at that fear level, so currently, each one of us is in the process of rising above all the negativity, the lower emotions, drama and separation.  So we are either in a state of love or in a state of fear as you can’t be in both simultaneously but by being aware of this fact, you come into your power.  You have the power to make a choice, either you make a conscious choice to release fear and let it go, or you hold on to it.   

Ultimately, it’s your Higher Self that’s orchestrating this whole process but then it ends up being a battle between your Higher Self and your ego.  Do you buy into the fear, anger and feelings of low self-worth? Or do you allow them to come up, release them, and then shift your frequency and consciousness through that? 

3 Stages of Scorpio Consciousness

Scorpio represents a very, very deep transformation, often there’s a lot of emotional intensity to it, possibly sexual intensity or even a rebirth. The Scorpio sign can be represented by three animals, firstly the scorpion, secondly the eagle and thirdly the phoenix, each one representing the evolving states of Scorpio consciousness.  

  • Scorpio – The first evolutionary state is the Scorpion and thinking about the animal itself, it is on the ground, walking around, its frame of reference is only what it sees on the ground, it’s got quite a restricted level of visibility to see what’s going on and can only navigate blocks or challenges as they appear in front of it which is very limiting. 
  • Eagle – When you take that next evolutionary step in that Scorpio journey you have the eagle, so straightaway we start to elevate the consciousness vertically and from that higher viewpoint, we can see further and get a much wider perspective.  With this bigger picture it’s so much easier to navigate the day to day journey as you can see the roads, where the blocks are and how to work around the blocks.  You can see which paths to go down because you’ve got that higher perspective, it’s not so much about changing the way you think but more about changing your perspective.  When you elevate your level of consciousness, you are able to change your reality.  This brings us back to Scorpio because a lot of that Scorpion energy is about healing from deep within the subconscious, creating deep transformation from those shifts of consciousness as a result of that wider perspective characterised by the eagle.
  • Phoenix – When you look at the final evolutionary step of the Scorpio and bring in the Phoenix you are now looking at a mythological creature, so we are seeing consciousness through your multi-dimensional self.  This is a whole new level again and takes huge shifts of consciousness because you start to work with the five higher chakras, especially the causal chakra, taking you into Unity Consciousness or Holographic Consciousness.  So what we are really working towards is anchoring our consciousness at that higher level, however, it’s a consistent and continual process, not something done just once.  

Inner Mastery

There could be some aspects of your life where your consciousness is way, way more expanded than others, so it’s like a consistent process as we are constantly recalibrating and shifting our frequency and our consciousness.  When it comes to spiritual mastery, it’s not the fact that you’ve gone unconscious or lost your frequency, because that’s always going to happen when you go through purification, depending on the depth of that purification, and the depth of that initiation. Some things can be very triggering or can catch you out and you become unaware, that’s totally normal.  The question is, how quickly can you see it for what it is and then shift your frequency and not get stuck in it?  How quickly can you regain your consciousness and shift your frequency?  

Shifting Your Vibration

This vibration of love is one of the quickest ways to shift your vibration and frequency when you’re in a purification process because it very quickly brings you back into the heart and into a frequency that’s more elevated.  It also supports us to anchor in and connect to the inner kingdoms, which also works at supporting the physical body.  So if you are pulling up anything in your physical body it’s because you’re clearing your holographic blueprint which in turn supports a shift in the physical body.   Obviously shifting the physical body is the hardest part as it is the most dense but remember the vertical level of consciousness, if you can see it from that elevated level of the Phoenix, your multi-dimensional self, it helps you not to get so triggered or sucked in to a negative spiral around it.   

The Master Cell

On the physical level we have the master cell, which sets the template for all the other cells in the body. So by shifting the master cell it creates a kind of ricochet effect throughout the rest of the cellular body. Again, it’s about shifting from the Adam body into the Adam Kadmon body. And so the physical body has to shift through that which means any blockages, negativity, density, or old belief systems around the physical will come up to clear, some of you may have a pain release came through or feel a bit more pain in your body. Scorpio energy can also impact on the physical body, so you may find that coming up a bit over the next four weeks as well.

Holding the Transformation

At the moment, for most of us, the new template is a fragile thing.  You’re still trying to solidify these new foundations around you and when you have other energy come in that’s not resonating to the new frequency it’s so easy to get destabilised or pushed off balance.  However, there is no going back into that 3D reality as the 5D is already set.  So everything is shifting, the collapse is already happening and that’s why it’s important to place your focus and intention on the new template you wish to see in the world.   If you’re not sure what that is, place your focus and attention on the pure frequency of love, this will support you to navigate those waves as they come and it means you’re feeding the new 5D reality that is birthing around us. The more you go into fear and control, the more you’re feeding the old and we don’t want that. 

North Star Vision

One of the things that came through a couple of weeks ago was all around the North Star vision and the ability to just really keep shifting attention and focus to your New Earth Template. This is the reason I decided to do a five day experience on that, we’ll have about 20 – 30 minutes every day for meditation or some teachings to support each one of us as it gets more hectic and chaotic out there because we’re still in the collapse process.  So when you go unconscious, or when you get stuck in one of those loop de loops, you can work on some sort of mantra or sentence that you can connect to and to come back up again.   I feel that by connecting into your new template is a way you could do that.  

Recommendations for Everyone:

  • Tune in to the Frequencies of Mount Shasta – which actually grounds and resonates that New Earth Template and will support you to keep resonating back to your new template.  It supports your purification and is particularly helpful when you go into those fear patterns linked to your own deep subconscious fears or when connecting to collective fears. 
  • Social Media Detox – I would highly suggest keeping away from the news and mainstream media, it’s feeding a lot of fear and it might just trigger you, causing you to lower your frequency and feed more fear, anger and control energy back into the collective.   
  • Work with the Heart Frequencies – We need to open our heart centres and resonate more to the frequencies of love as you can’t be resonating at the level of fear and love at the same time. So moment by moment be aware of your frequency, open your heart and resonate back to the frequency of love.  This is really going to help stabilize and shift that frequency not just individually but globally too, try to level up not just yourself but your environment, your workplace and also the people you connect to.   

Recommendations for Earthstar Temple Members

  • Work with the Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Mount Shasta for purification and support when holding the new template.  
  • Gargoyle Meditation for protection and love when releasing fear or feeling vulnerable or anxious. 

I feel we’re all different levels of anchoring this new holographic template, how are you dealing with that play out? With the release of the negativity and collective fears and restrictions? Let me know. I’m really interested to hear about how you’re navigating that process within yourself and whether you feel like you are birthing something new and how much of that is coming through. 

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