The Navel Chakra (sacral) is very complex and can often be suppressed and blocked. This chakra delegates issues around the mother, creativity, birthing - whether that be a baby, new project, higher emotions, intimacy, sexuality & subconscious emotions. It feeds energy to all those organs in that area, any physical issues in this area - womb, ovaries, hormones etc will be directly impacted if your navel chakra is not functioning at its optimal level as will be the quality of your emotions.

Because the Navel chakra deals with subconscious emotions it can often be hard to actually connect in with those feelings because they are hidden and often feared. 

The first thing to do when working with your navel chakra is to begin to unblock and shift these painful subconscious  memories - they may be inner child &/ past life. As you connect with these emotions you then have the opportunity to shift and let them go from your energy pattern.

Here are three simple ways to begin to unblock your Navel Chakra.

  1. Work with the frequency of orange

    The first thing that I would suggest is literally to work with the frequency of the color orange. You may want to surround yourself with everything orange, from the clothes you wear to the color of your curtains and to the color of your sheets.

    You may even have the color in front of you to really absorb and open up to that frequency in order to connect with the feeling of the color as it is absorbed right into your womb and into your navel chakra.

  2. Connect to the energy of the moon

    As we know that, we are about 70 to 80% water and the moon delegates water bodies. The navel chakra is governed by the moon, and as you work with the moon frequencies, you’re working with the element of water.  

    At the full moon, you have the most potential energy of working with the subconscious If you just sit outside and absorb the frequencies of the moon, you can really pull in soft light but incredible powerful frequency to connect with the subconscious emotions.

    You can work with this further in my program the Urban Goddess (in the Ascension Temple) where I talk about the CAD process so you can shift your energy and frequency.

  3. Absorb Dryad Frequency

    Dryad is the tree spirit and trees connects to the amber frequency. It has real therapeutic property that works on the glandular system. These glands have an impact on your emotions which stores the subconscious memory. So when you connect into the frequency of the Dryad, it really helps to clear the glandular system, revitalize, and renourish it, so that you can feel more balanced in your emotions. Dryad energy can help clear a lot of Karmic wounding that has been lodged in your energy field.

Once you start to get some flow in this area and connect to those subconscious emotions its important to then support yourself to transmute and purify these lower emotions and clear them from your energy system.

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