The full moon in Aries fell on September 24th just a few days after the equinox. Intense or what?! But how can we expect to be impacted by the Aries moon and how can we best mange the energies of the coming month?

Aries is a cardinal sign and key words relating to this sign include passion, drive and action. Like an arrow its a moving forward energy out of stuckness and into achievement. 

This all sounds very good, but don’t expect the energy to be entirely clear cut as combined with the forward flowing energy of Aries there will be a possible pulling up of some Chiron core wounding - which will create an entirely push pull effect. On one hand we are being given a big push to drive us forward. On the other hand as soon as we start to do this we may experience a surfacing of core wounding issues which could bring up feelings of overwhelm and also trigger self worth issues.

Rather than get stuck in overwhelm, bogged down in feeling not good enough or fight with adrenal overload I have created some specific tools for you below to help you stay well and grounded through the push pull frequencies this October. 

Remember there’s a wonderful opportunity here to purify and release and move through the month empowered and with a higher awareness.

Would you like to work more consciously with these frequencies?

Here’s a wonderful October Frequency Planner & Guide for you to use.

This planner provides you with a handful of super simple and easy frequencies that anyone can use on a daily basis to support more alchemy in the body as well as integrate more of your lightbody.