Merlin Magic

This sacred grid location has long been associated with Arthurian legends, Camelot, Avalon & the powers of the Magi.

It’s a magical area steeped in Mystery, Magic & Intrigue.

This grid point is located on the Cornish coast overlooking the sea. Here, on top of a dramatic cliff edge stands Tintagel Castle. You have to climb 148 steps to reach this “island” castle which was associated with King Arthur. The castle was built by King Richard who was reputed to have been obsessed with the legends of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table.

The castle now stands in two parts. In ancient times it was connected by a bridge which eventually collapsed. This year a new bridge is being built to reconnect the historic crossing from the mainland to the headland.

Discover the Power 2

Underneath this island is a Magical cave which is known as Merlins Cave. Here you can connect to the energy of Merlin & the powers of the Magi. In ancient times this was a mystery school location where aspiring masters would travel far distances to be able to connect into the frequencies & codes accessible at this grid location. They would experience & learn the teachings of the Magi, Lightbody technology, Merkaba travel, how to work with the grid & connect into the teachings of the Divine Feminine.

The veils are thin here and the elements are powerful. With the right keys and codes its possible to connect into the sacred realms of the elemental kingdoms - the nature spirits & higher beings of Light. 

Chloe will be facilitating a Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to this unique location.

Discover the Power 3

In this journey you’ll;

• Connect to Tintagel & Merlins Cave to infuse frequencies of light that tap into the energy of Dragon Power

• Discover which Crystals you can work with to support a connection to the elemental kingdoms

• Work with the throat chakra to absorb Ether, the mystical & elusive element that supports the Crystalization of your Lightbody & the ability to awaken your Merkaba for connection into other worldly realms.

• Receive teachings on Dragon Power & how you can use it in your day to day live for Wellness, Enhance your Power Centre, Connect to Divine Will.

Feeling drawn to participate?

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This opportunity to be called into the grid will close at midnight Thursday 11th April