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France is known as the country of the Divine Feminine & Notre Dame as one of her most symbolic symbols.

The Goddess runs deep in the veins of France

Whether it be the veneration of the Black Madonnas or Mary Magdalene and her sacred teachings, France has somehow managed to maintain a connection to the Divine Feminine even if it was at times hidden & veiled.

This connection to the Divine Feminine is due to specific grid locations throughout France that hold gateways & portals into other realms & star systems that transmit Frequencies of the Divine Goddess

Notre Dame is one of those Sacred grid locations.

It was built over an ancient Temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis.

In fact the city Paris was named after the tribe who lived there - the Parisii

They were called Parisii as in a group who worshipped the Goddess Isis

This grid location is under a huge purification process as the Goddess reawakens from her deep slumber.

This is after all the year of Binah and the Reawakening of the Divine Feminine on this planet.

We are therefore being pushed internally to decode & clear past life woundings & distortions where we have disconnected from the Goddess within.

As all eyes are focused on this tragic event, our hearts connect in to this location as it opens us up to clear and purify our own internal disconnection to the Goddess.

There is a huge wave of emotional clearing through the heart chakra of grief, frustration & anger

It is only through going deeper within our hearts & resolving those painful feelings that we can reconnect at a deeper level to the Goddess & all that she bestows.

Witnessing the Fire at Notre Dame triggered many deep feelings for so many people all over the World and so became a way that we could each purify, release & deepen our respect & connection to the Goddess.

I will be facilitating a Planetary Grid Journey to this Sacred Site in support of this purification & reconnection process.

It’s a free event & will be held in our Private Facebook Group.

Click the button below to be able to participate in this Live Transmission this Saturday 20th April at 9am UK time