Spiritual Emporwerment

When you think of power there of many facets to power & the empowerment process. Probably the most common aspect is ones ability to tap into the Solar plexus chakra & express one unique sense of self with confidence & ease.

This is a huge learning in itself and can often require a lot of personal, inner work to get that point of self realisation.

But there is also another type of empowerment & that is Spiritual Power. Spiritual power is the ability to connect into inter dimensional realms and working through Divine Will facilitate profound healing not only in the body & consciousness but also in the earth too. By being able to open up to these sacred realms - elemental, cosmic or angelic you become a vessel for the light where through an alchemical process of transmutation you impact matter.

This level of Spiritual power is an aspect of Dragon Power & requires you to walk through a maze of higher initiations so that you can purify yourself enough to enter into these Sacred Realms.

Spiritual Awaken

There are Sacred Sites around the world that can support you to do this

Uluru is one of these sites

Uluru is in Australia & is the Solar Plexus Chakra for the world

It’s over 600 million years old & holds the Akashic records of the creation of our world.

Here you have the possibility to tap into this Sacred Site and connect to your Star Lineage or Soul group from the beginnings of time & heal genetic wounding & distortion that has been holding you back from embodying your Spiritual Power.

Join Chloe on this unique & empowering Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Uluru so you can create a deeper empowerment process for manifestation, healing & spiritual empowerment.

• If you’re already an Earthstar Temple member you’ll automatically be included in this Grid to Uluru