Chiron Aries

On April 18th the planet witnessed a huge shift in energy. This shift in energy will continue to influence humanity until 2027.

To understand what this shift truly means lets look back to 2010.  In 2010 Chiron entered Pisces. During this time we were pushed to go within and reconnect to the more spiritual aspects of our being. We were asked to peak behind the veil of the physical and rediscover that there is more to just the physical world. Pisces in Chiron was all about a reconnection to the spiritual, an opening up of the psyche and connecting to our spirituality more - either an awakening or a deepening. This energy was a relatively gentle energy - it was a more inward and reflective energy.

On 18th April, Chiron moved from Pisces and entered into Aries. This is a completely different type of energy. Aries, being associated with Mars is the warrior energy. It's action, forward moving and most importantly it deals with issues all around empowerment & our core sense of self.

Now it will hover in and out of Aries until the beginning of next year, when it will then stay put in Aries for many years, however for the next couple of months we have the opportunity to get used to this empowering energy and understand how to navigate its powerful influence.

Chiron in Aries is a strong and courageous energy, that over the upcoming years is going to support us to find our own unique expression. 

Chiron in Aries is all about the I am. Who I am, What is my Purpose & Why I am here on this planet. This energy is the perfect energy to help you discover who you truly are so you can then own and embody it. 

We all understand that spiritually we are divine sparks of light - but how does that translate into our everyday lives? How do we express that in the work that we do, and how we relate to others and in life. Chiron in Aries is going to compel you to own your true sense of self. Often by uncovering who you're not - this is all part of the empowerment process and can be challenging at times because we can often go through feelings of disempowerment as catalysts. 

Some of the feeling & challenges you may experience during this transit

  1. Feeling unworthy & unloved

  2. Not being understand or recognised for your potential

  3. Feeling like your nobody - emptiness, what's the point syndrome

  4. Feeling not good enough despite how much you do/work/please people

We all at times experience some of these feelings, however with Chiron in Aries at play more in our lives - these feelings may be more common. But take heart - this is all for a reason.

Chiron in Aries is here to support you to heal the core wounding around the "I am". 

By discovering and embodying who your truly are you'll uncover your unique sense of self and the unique gifts and talents that are birthed through that. It's about owning your sense of self. It's an empowerment journey ultimately leading to spiritual empowerment. As you embrace who you are, you can work towards anchoring and birthing your higher spiritual gifts that are unique only to you. As you do this, you'll then feel compelled to express this out into the world.

Would you like to work more in depth with this energy?

Within the Earthstar Temple we work in greater depth with Chiron. Each month you'll receive a Full Transference Healing® which includes within it a procedure specifically for working with the Chiron energy. Also I have recorded a Chiron workshop with a Frequency meditation which is available within the membership site straight away.