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Uluru Australia, Spiritual Empowerment


Spiritual Empowerment – Uluru, Australia

This Crystal Merkaba Journey to the potent grid location of Uluru, Australia is sacred to the Aboriginal people & embodies ancient spiritual power.  It is recognised as the Solar Plexus Chakra of this planet & connects to the creation of time, supporting both spiritual empowerment and ancestral healing so you can re-connect and clear lineage distortions and recharge your solar plexus chakra.

Rejuvenate and empower yourself through connecting to the world chakra for the solar plexus.  Embody the process of letting go whilst clearing Ancestral timelines and past life woundings.  Free and build your lightbody, remember your star lineage and support your abundant growth.

The powerful spiritual technology and codes held within Uluru and the interconnection of lay-lines of light – connect to every other sacred site across the globe.  Feel the ancient song-lines and the rainbow serpent’s presence with fire, dragon power and kundalini energies to shift your frequency and birth the golden age.


This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Uluru, Australia is perfect for:

  • Healing & clearing your Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Supporting your empowerment journey
  • Working with your Ancestors & Star Lineage
  • Healing your ancestral lineage


The spiritual technologies encoded into this journey will support you to:

  • Restore & recharge your spiritual power to infuse more light
  • Connect to your spiritual DNA to uncover lost wisdom
  • Receive a total re-alignment and rebalance on all levels of your being
  • Access cosmic stargate doorways to encode galactic aspects of your DNA

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