Lunar Cycle

This month’s lunar energy update is around awakening your third eye chakra and clearing pain from the physical body

We have had so many cosmic activations over the last few weeks that our bodies are struggling to keep up!

This month we may experience more physical issues surfacing or worsening as our physical body is trying to shift energetically to absorb all this Light

We’re having to clear distortion and pain that has been lodged in the body so that we can resonate and embody higher frequencies of Light

Our third eye chakra & brain is also undergoing a lot of changes so that we can shift perception and awareness to go beyond the rational mind and see into the future and other realties

As our third eye awakens more, we’ll be able to tap deeper into our intuition & open up our psychic and clairvoyant abilities

I have channelled a frequency meditation especially to support the divinely orchestrated activation of your third eye chakra

This meditation will only be available for a short time, then you'll find it inside the Earthstar Temple under recommendations for this month.

Key Themes for this month are:

Clearing physical pain

Awakening the Third Eye Chakra

Going beyond the rational mind to receive insights, relevations & inspirational wisdom & knowledge


Recommendations for everyone

Work with clear quartz & moldavite - great for your brain & channeling light into your body

Rest, relax & take time out if your body is struggling with the changes

Daily Journaling & writing down your dreams - to anchor in any insights & revelations

Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey - to awaken your third eye chakra

Rewiring Your Brain Meditation - to balance your left & right hemispheres

Gnome Meditation - to support your physical body to release

Third Eye Activation Meditation - to activate your third eye chakra

Awakening & Activating Your Third Eye Chakra Workshop - learn how to awaken and work with your third eye chakra


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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