This month is all about cosmic activations & heart clearings in support of that 

This is the perfect time to seed new beginnings

We have our second new moon in cancer in a row - which is rare!

This is pushing us to open up our heart, release and birth higher more evolved emotions so that we can feel safe and secure within our selves

As we do this we will be better prepared for the huge cosmic activations that will come through the Lionsgate portal on the 8:8. This is an amazing time of light infusions and activations in support of our evolution and ascension process. It can impact our heart & third eye chakra

During this time it’s really important to stay open to these activations and also keep grounded at the same time!

I have channelled a frequency meditation especially to support this process of cosmic activation & grounding. You’ll find it in the Earthstar Temple portal in our monthly download section

This meditation will not only enable you to stay open to these higher frequencies of light but will also support you to ground them through into your earthstar chakra - so that you can slowly integrate all those changes into your body, consciousness & reality over time

I also offer a lot of guidance on what you need to do during these activations and some of the symptoms that may come through during this time

Key Themes for this month are:

Heart Chakra

Releasing Emotions

Cosmic Activations

Lionsgate Portal

If you’re a member of my monthly Earthstar Temple, this group healing will really support you to work through these triggers.
You’ll also find my personal recommendations for you for this month below.


Recommendations for everyone

Work with rose quartz & dioptase - wear as jewellery, meditate with them, use in your crystal grids or/& make some rose quartz gem elixir

Allow yourself to feel those deeper emotions - breathe through them & release in the moment when they surface

Tune into your heart chakra & absorb the frequencies of pink rose & rose quartz - spent two minutes a day

Use a spray with essential oils - to work on the vibrational plane

Spend some time by the ocean/water

Walk barefoot & stay grounded

Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members

Heart Acceptance Frequency Meditation - to stay balanced in your heart chakra

Chakra Clearing & Balance Frequency Meditation - to keep you harmonised and clearing throughout your etheric body

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey - Angkor Wat, Cambodia - to support you to come back into a state of absolute balance on all four planes of transformation so that you can fully infuse the cosmic activations coming through the Lionsgate portal

Starseed & Lightworker Merkaba Meditation - for cosmic frequencies & service

Temple of the White Lion, Phnom, Bakheng - to connect at a deeper level with the Lionsgate portal opening

Channelled Monthly Frequency Meditation - to support the activation and grounding of these higher frequencies of Light

I highly recommend working with these frequency meditations at least once a day.

Remember you’re trying to clear old patterns & programs that no longer serve you and anchor in higher frequencies of light.

Working with energy & light on a daily basis along with introspection & surrendering is the fastest way to heighten & crystalise these higher frequencies of Light

These meditations, crystal merkaba grid journeys & workshops all have frequencies encoded directly within them.

This is what makes them so impactive.

They’ll support you to keep your chakras open & balanced, your energy flowing well & support you at times when you’re triggered by others around you. 


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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