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Awaken Third Eye Crystal Grid


This is a powerful grid to support the divinely orchestrated awakening & activation of your Third Eye Chakra. It will support you to clear blockages, pull in more light and heighten your clairvoyant abilities for healing and growth. 

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that blend together to create a unique field of energetic harmony and focus.  Each individual crystal grid resonates its specific energy out into the surrounding environment, creating a higher vibration and new holographic reality around it.  When working, meditating or living in this space you are instantly connected to that energy which enables you to experience the energetic frequency, absorb the vibration and come into alignment with it, so that you resonate at the frequency of the new holographic reality and all its potential.

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Frequencies included in this Grid;

Sacred Geometry 

Metatron’s Cube – This symbol represents the journey of all energy throughout the universe, it reminds us that no matter who or what we are, each of us is part of this interconnected force. 


Amethyst – The purple ray of this crystal energy is unique, it has powerful protective qualities but also has a high spiritual vibration and links to the Third Eye Chakra.  In this grid it will support you to develop your clairvoyant abilities, enhance higher states of consciousness and connect you to other dimensions for healing and spiritual growth.    

Hematite – This energy is associated with the earth element due to its powerful grounding & protective energies. It has magnetic qualities enabling it to balance out the yin/yang aspects, the meridians and the etheric body. It dissolves negativity and creates a protective field to shield you from the projections of other people. It enhances the grounding of higher frequencies into the body & consciousness, supporting you to fully embody any shifts or transformations.

Blue Kyanite – This energy will support you to release blocks and bring in positive energy, it does not hold negativity and instantly aligns the chakras and the energy field, bringing balance to the body.  It amplifies higher energies so supports the raising of your vibration, enabling you to connect to higher frequencies of light, activate your psychic abilities, connect to your guides and recall your dreams.  

Malachite – The stone is a powerful protector and healer working not just on a personal level but for the Earth energies as well.  It clears and activates all the chakras but its green ray connects more directly with the heart chakra, opening it up to give and receive unconditional love and compassion. This supports us to receive and embody Divine healing and guidance for our spiritual growth.

Ametrine – The combination of amethyst and citrine energy in this crystal connects the higher frequencies of the spiritual world into the physical reality of personal will and empowerment.  It supports the anchoring of divine guidance into the physical reality, birthing creativity, focus and inspired action for the manifestation of our dreams, goals and heart’s desire, thereby facilitating personal transformation and change.

K2 – This combination of azurite and granite combines the higher frequencies of intuition and psychic attunement with the elemental energies of protection and balance. It allows greater exploration of the cosmos and the interdimensional realms while keeping us deeply rooted in the earth plane. This can enhance our vision and connection to Divine guidance through the awakening and activation of the Third Eye Chakra. 

Shungite – This crystal has a grounding, protective energy but also represents the black ray which is the place of change and initiation.  This energy grounds us and comforts us during times of transformation, purification, death and rebirth.  It reassures us that our roots are strong enough to brave the storm of confronting our fears and limitations and reminds us that we emerge at the other side stronger.   

Blue John – This crystal energy encourages us to be bold, adventurous and to embrace change on any level of our being.  It encourages personal growth, new experiences and courage in the face of the unknown. In this grid it will support faith and trust in the activation process and in any guidance or downloads that may come through. 

Purple Fluorite – The balanced energetic structure of this crystal signifies the transformation of chaos into order, the clarification of thoughts and the solving of mental problems.  It eases the mental chaos of transformation when you may feel scattered or mentally depleted and brings calm, clarity and focus to new beginnings and rebirths, supporting the body to feel secure in the new energies.  

10 x Amethyst Points

6 x Hematite

4 x Blue Kyanite

2 x Malachite

2 x K2

2 x Ametrine

2 x Shungite

2 x Amethyst

1 x Blue John

1 x Purple Fluorite

1 x centre piece Ametrine

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