Four Corners Crystal Grid


This grid is perfect for enhancing your journey of spiritual connection and expansion, supporting you to shift your frequency and anchor new light codes onto the planet. 

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that combine to create and amplify a unique field of energetic harmony and focus. Each individual crystal grid resonates its specific energy out into the surrounding environment, creating a higher vibration and new holographic reality around it, when this merges with the energy from the surrounding crystals a powerful vortex is created and when working, meditating or living in this space you are instantly connected to that energy. This enables you to experience the energetic frequency, absorb the vibration and come into alignment with it, so that you resonate at the frequency of the new holographic reality and all its potential.

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Sacred Geometry 

  • Flower of Life Symbol – This represents creation and resonates with the frequency of unity & unconditional love, it reminds us we are all built from the same blueprint and is found throughout ancient civilisations. 
  • Star of David – This symbol grounds and anchors higher frequencies of light onto the earth plane. It enables you to bring “heaven on earth” by coding in the higher dimensions of your lightbody. 


  • Clear Quartz Skull – This skull forms the centre piece of the grid and acts as a transmitter and receiver of higher frequencies of light.  It supports the crystallization of your body & consciousness, awakening dormant codes in your DNA and alleviating lightbody symptoms.
  • Turquoise – To the Native Americans, Turquoise is the “fallen sky stone” and is seen as uniting the energies of heaven and earth to bring balance. Its grounded energies of purification, healing and protection are balanced with the energies of connection to the spiritual realms, expanded intuition, wisdom and insight.  This supports rejuvenation of the body by weaving in more refined prana and enhances the ability to absorb higher frequencies of light. 
  • Red Coral  – This is another stone much used by the Native Americans. Coming from the sea and symbolising our blood, Red Coral connects us to our vital force and renews our purpose, passion, enthusiasm and imagination for life. It also connects us to the ever changing seas of mother earth, showing us not to fear the future but to move through periods of transformation with trust, having faith that what waits on the other side is worth the lesson. 
  • Abalone Shell – Embodies all aspects of the water element and links to the emotions of love, compassion and peace. When going through shifts of frequency or purifications, this energy supports the gentle release of blocks, distortions and old patterns by creating a calm acceptance on all levels of the mind, body & spirit. It also resonates with the third eye, stimulating psychic development, intuition and imagination.
  • Cowrie Shell – This energy represents the strength and power of the Goddess and is linked to the water element, the emotions and the changing cycles of fertility, birth & death.  It has been used for centuries at initiation ceremonies and shamanic rituals, supporting the connection to spirit and the sharing of ancestral knowledge and experience. It is an essential part of any shamanic medicine bag.
  • Madagascan Clear Quartz – This crystal strengthens and enhances the combined energy of the other crystals, sacred geometry and symbols contained within this grid.  It amplifies the energy and attunes to the specific vibrational requirements of each person and in this grid it will support your potential for spiritual connection and expansion, enabling you to shift your frequency and anchor more light.  
  • Fulgurite – Enhances the ability to communicate and connect to other worlds and dimensions by supporting you to surrender and open up as a channel whilst staying grounded.   This supports the absorption of crystalline and electromagnetic frequencies of light for lightbody integration, which can in turn, initiate shifts of frequency and the downloading of specific keys and codes into your DNA. 
  • Jet – This energy is a great purifier of negative energy and lower emotions such as anger, frustration and fear.  In this grid, Jet supports you to purify and release denser emotions in order to allow higher frequencies of light and energy to filter down into the body and consciousness.  This allows you to experience a shift of frequency and supports the evolution of your emotions, consciousness & soul.
  • Haematite – This energy is associated with the earth element due to its powerful grounding & protective energies. It has magnetic qualities enabling it to balance out the yin/yang aspects, the meridians and the etheric body. It dissolves negativity and creates a protective field to shield you from the projections of other people. It enhances the grounding of higher frequencies into the body & consciousness, supporting you to fully embody any shifts or transformations.


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