Your Spiritual Journey Recommendations

Temple Sanctuary

Everything you need to connect to your New Earth manifestations  and create a daily energetic practice  to feel Uplifted, empowered & Serene


Temple Activate

Activate, Accelerate & Unlock your Destiny & Purpose to step into your spiritual power & Birth your gifts & talents


Portal Of Change  

working with these transmissions & Frequencies will support you to transmute feelings of grief and loss and expand into higher states of love


Alchemical Union Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey

The Alchemical Union, Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury

Alchemical union includes prayers to the Goddess Bridgit & Our Lady of Avalon and will facilitate an energetic connection to Avalon and support you to make a deeper connection to the Goddess


Destiny Mastery 

Activations, Transmissions & Purification Teachings From The Subterranean Chamber, Pyramid Of Giza


Awaken Your Divine Feminine Codes

Activations, Transmissions & Sacred Divine Feminine Teachings from the Queens Chamber, Pyramid of Giza


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