Transference Healing® System

Transference Healing® is an ancient ascension & self mastery enlightenment system that works with both alchemy & lightbody frequencies.

This divine energetic system works on a multi dimensional level to enhance your direct connection to universal energy for self healing & mastery in support of the rebirthing of your divine self. 

Receiving regular Transference Healing® will support you to create alchemy and build your Lightbody.

Over time as you build your lightbody, you'll begin to birth unique aspects of your over soul - gifts & talents that you mastered in past life times.


By running & absorbing the frequency of this powerful ascension system on a regular basis you'll be supporting your Self Healing & Self Mastery abilities.

This healing & enlightenment system is perfect for anyone who feels drawn to accelerate their Spiritual Growth & wishes to be more of service through the anchoring of their divine gifts.

Chloe has been working with this profound modality since 2006, has attended all 5 levels of the Mystery School and incorporates this frequency in all that she channels and co creates with the Universe

You can receive these frequencies inside Chloe's Earthstar Temple membership as well as learn how to run this divine ascension system for yourself.

*Alexis Cartwright is the Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing® & Channel of the Diamond Pyramid of Light ™- Mystery School Teachings