learn to meditate

I was recently on TV - The Amit Kainth Show & one of the questions Amit asked me was do I think meditation is important? My answer straight away to him was yes its absolutely KEY to your spiritual and evolutionary growth - WHY? 

Well for a number of reasons;

Initially, and for a good first step, meditation really helps you to calm the mind chatter. You know that constant chattering that can go on in your head. For most of us this chatter is constant. Its like an internal dialogue that if it was spoken out loud anyone else around would thing that you had gone a little crazy!

A lot of meditation techniques focus purely on this - and for a very good reason. If you don't learn how to calm this monkey chatter down then you will never be truely able to go further within the depths of your psyche to attain the gifts of the Goddess. And lets face it just learning to calm that internal dialogue is huge in itself. What we sometimes forget is that our thoughts have a lot of power and energy behind them so if our internal chatter is negative then that vibration will be resonating out into the universe.

Secondly, meditation starts to birth inner awareness. Through regular meditation you start to turn your awareness inwards as opposed to outwards. This is so important in terms of spiritual growth and evolution as you can only change what you become aware of in the first place. So meditation becomes an amazing tool to teach you how to focus your awareness inside of yourself and start to become the witness to your thoughts, perceptions and your feelings and emotions. It is only from this level of awareness that you can really start to become the conscious co creator of your reality. 

Conscious Co Creator of your reality - What does that mean?

Well, we are constantly creating and participating in the building of our reality. We do this through our thoughts and emotions. The question then becomes how conscious are we of this process and how can we become more conscious so that we can create the reality that we so choose. Well, a big process involved in that is meditation purely because it is through going within that you can better understand yourself, your thoughts and emotions. From that place of witnessing you can then make a conscious choice to transmute it or keep it.

Thirdly, specific types of meditation such as frequency meditation go one step further as they weave into your energetic field different types of frequencies and vibrations so that you can shift frequency. This is my favourite kind of meditation because you are weaving and absorbing energy from all around to change frequency and therefore change your reality.

Meditation ROCKS and I feel it is one of the most important KEYS to creating profound change & transformation in your life.