2016 is in numerological terms a nine year. You get the number 9 from adding up 2 + 1 + 6 = 9

So what exactly does that mean and how does that impact me? I hear you ask!

2016 Year of Completions

This is something that we go through in a lot more detail in the Urban Goddess™ Program where I show you an exact, actionable process that you can follow so that you can detox, let go and transform your life.

Well, a nine year is all about completions, endings & transitions. It is about clearing out and letting go of everything that no longer works for you or your higher self.  It is also specifically about clearing up and releasing outmoded ways of thinking or limiting beliefs or emotions so that we can begin a brand new journey and a whole new nine year cycle starting next year in 2017.

This year is really a huge year of detoxifying your inner world. Its about going within and resolving and letting go of old stuff, whether that be perceptions, situations, emotions or limiting beliefs. To be able to create a new foundation, you have to initially let go of stuff. If we can do this now, we will be able to establish those new foundations and begin to manifest through that.

This is all about making room for new opportunities to flourish and thrive. To make that energetic space from within you, you have to detox and purify your inner world.

It's all about being able to activate your Inner Goddess, so that you can connect more to your inner world and from that perspective you can begin to let go and surrender through enabling what I call the "Master Position"

"Letting go" is where most people struggle, it takes a lot of faith and courage and a understanding of the inner processes involved.

A nine year is closely associated with the Yesod sphere which in kabbalistic terms is the womb of all creation. In a yesod year is where higher frequencies are birthed onto this planet and  it creates amazing opportunities especially in terms of wellness, longevity, and manifestation. 

Alexis Cartwright, the founder of Transference Healing® has recorded a fantastic channeling all about this year, including a frequency meditation to support you to navigate the changes.

Because these higher refined energies are now being birthed onto this planet in this Yesod Year we are all being pushed to let go of deeper core wounding that has been lodged into our etheric and cellular body.


This year has felt like Quick Sand.

Its like nothing is stable this year  and every step you take can often feel like it will give way. Nothing feels solid.

So how can we navigate this year when nothing feels stable or anchored around us?

The best way to do this is by going within, letting go and getting to a point of inner stillness within your heart. 

It can be so hard to stabilise yourself internally when nothing feels solid or anchored around you. In fact trying to stay still internally can almost seem counterintuitive. Often when everything is up in the air a common response would be to take more control & work things out mentally trying to find solutions, or just recycling old emotional patterns. Whereas, the more effective way would be to create a space of inner stillness from within. This is the key to navigate this year is similar to how you would release yourself if stuck in quick sand . You would imagine that the best way to get out of the quicksand is to quickly move and wrestle yourself out whilst in reality the very opposite is true. To be able to survive quicksand you need to stay as still as possible and move very very slowly.

This is exactly how I see the best way forward to navigate the energy of this 9 year cycle. 

The Key - Its all about Inner Stillness

The  more that you can go within and get to a point within yourself of absolute stillness energetically, psychologically and emotionally, the more you will be able to absorb these higher energies that are being flooded onto the planet right now and therefore be able to create a stronger foundation etherically within yourself.

Here is a recap of the Main Points

1. We are in a 9 year cycle of completions & transitions

2. The planet this year is birthing some very subtle refined energies onto this dimension that we have not experienced since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria

3. We are being pushed to clear emotionally, genetically, and psychologically so that we can make room to enable these refined energies within our etheric body.

4. We have to LET GO & then GO INTO STILLNESS 

5. The more we can absorb this unique light the more we will be able to manifest our highest destiny and purpose


In all the chaos, upheaval and uncertainty, the one place to find refuge is within your heart space.


5 Easy Steps to Navigate this Year

1. Detox and declutter your inner world by activating your inner Goddess

2. Meditate on a daily basis

3. Connect into your heart throughout the day 

4. Stay open to change & opportunities

5. Don't resist and try to take control


So you could see this year as a really profound Rebirthing Year. The rebirth is initially energetic as you build those foundations in the ethers but through activating your inner goddess, letting go and surrendering in the moment you will be able to pull in very refined  higher frequencies of light that we have not experienced since the time of Lemuria.

Use this year wisely as it will lay the foundations for the next 9 years.

Have you noticed how unstable it has been?

How have you been dealing with those energetic bumps?

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