Transference Healing

I have been working with the energy of Transference Healing® for over 10 years and one of the most common questions I get asked by people is what exactly is Transference Healing & how can it help me.

As any Transference Healing teacher knows this is an extremely tricky question to answer just because the energy of Transference Healing® works on so many levels.


" a system that gives you the opportunity through working with energy & light frequencies to heal & empower yourself and create self mastery in your life."

I look at it in simplistic terms as the Transference Healing energy working on three different levels of awareness.

First Level - HEALING

So on a very basic level, the frequency of Transference Healing has the power to heal you. We are, on a global level, going through a huge rebirth on this planet. The old systems of how we heal ourselves are just not working like they used to & so we are slowly opening up to working more with frequency and light as a way of healing our body & consciousness.

We are recognising that we are more than just our body, that we are also made up of our thoughts, emotions and also there is a huge spiritual aspect to who we are.

In fact, we exist on a multi dimensional level and so for any true healing to occur we need to work on all these levels of our being - not just on say the physical body. Healing is facilitated on many levels through the TH energy.

It could be that you are pulling up a lot of physical symptoms and are struggling with that. It could be that you are experiencing mental or emotional imbalances and you need a system to support you in that.

The Transference Healing ® energy has the ability to work on what ever level of the patterning that it needs to so that you can essentially self heal and evolve through that process.

Second Level - AWAKENING

As we learn to work more with energy and clear distortions, negativity and wounding from our patterning ( our energy body is made up of thoughts & emotions), we start to feel lighter, have more peace and joy in our life and less struggle and start to want to feel more fulfilled on a soul and spiritual level. It's like we start to wake up to the spiritual aspects of who we are. We become attracted more to working or having crystals around, we are fascinated in angelic, elementals and/or cosmic realms. We want to understand the deeper meaning to life, we want to understand how our thoughts create reality or how light impacts matter. This is an unfolding process - we call it an awakening, and many people are entering into or are in an accelerated awakening process

Third Level - SELF MASTERY

Self mastery is where you are more connected to and prioritise your spiritual journey. You will probably have had kundalini experiences and are passionate about your ascension path.

You will feel more compelled to learn how to channel energy through your body and consciousness, want to clear deeper distortions within your being and have more inter dimensional experiences.

Over time, as you embody more light, the boundaries of space and time start to break down and your psyche opens up. You awaken your inner goddess and delve more into introspection. Your third and then fourth eye also open up. You are able to retrieve universal knowledge and start to anchor and embody those higher gifts and talents that have laid dormant in your patterning from ancient times.

This is a process you would have led up to over many lifetimes and one that will continue on as you work towards embodying christ body & consciousness.

Also, I would like to point out that each level is cyclical. What I mean by that is even if you are a master, you will still experience lightbody symptoms and so will need to access a deeper level of healing within your body for the embodiment of light.

The way I see it, it doesn't matter where you are on your journey - in a health/work/relationship crisis or awakening and feeling drawn to learn more, experiencing lightbody symptoms, or wanting to learn to self master or bring through higher gifts and talents, or you are all ready a global master and light force in the world - the frequencies of Transference Healing® will support you where ever you are in your ascension journey.

This is because Transference Healing® is a system that essentially “ transfers” you from one state of being to another. It has the spiritual technology encoded within it, to do that.

For me personally , I experienced the power of Transference Healing® after many, many years of struggling and finding my way. In my 20’s and early 30’s I was continually looking and searching. I wasn’t well, I had chronic energy depletion issues and I was looking to heal myself. I tried everything going - acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, kinesiology, nutrition, meditation - all of these worked to a certain extent, but I got to a point of self realisation that I realised I had to heal myself. That it had to come from within me. I knew the key was energy work, because at the most basic level we are made up of energy. So I then embarked on a journey of self healing through energy. I started to focus more on energy work with crystal healing, reiki, light body work - but again it still wasn’t enough. I came to understand that not all energy work is equal - far from it! This was because these systems didn’t for me contain the full technology that I needed to heal myself.

I needed a system that worked on both the physical aspects of myself - so genetic weaknesses and distortions but also emotional, mental & spiritual (lightbody) aspects of who I was. I came to understand that it wasn’t enough to just work on one part of my being. I am a complex energetic being that needs a constant influx of light technology into my body & consciousness to not only function, but thrive and evolve.

It wasn't until I had exhausted all these different forms of energy work and came to the profound insight that I needed a spiritually advanced technology that Transference Healing® came into my life.

Here are just a few aspects that the Transference Healing Energy works with ……..



In this webinar discover;

 • What the Global Grid Matrix is, why it’s so vital for our health, wellbeing & spiritual growth & how you can connect to it

 •  What Light Body Symptoms are, why no one is immune to them & how you can run energy to work with them

 • The two most important things you need to do on a regular basis to sustain wellness, self master & empower yourself

 • An overview of the sacred lineage teachings and energy of Transference Healing®

 • A short video explaining all about the Mystery Schools

 • The importance of running the Fundamental Energy in Transference Healing® 

 • Details of what it means to run energy on yourself, how to do this & details of whats involved in the training.