This is the time of the great awakening. Many souls have been called to this planet to support this spiritual awakening process and in turn support their own soul's growth & ascension journey.

We're essentially spiritual beings having a human experience. So our spiritual awakening process is the journey we take over many lifetimes.

This journey takes us from a state of complete disconnection to everything to a fully awakened spiritual being.

This is why at times it can be a little challenging as we have to continually clear and release distortion, negativity & past life wounding from our etheric body so that we can pull in more light and over time fully awaken our spiritual sense of self.

We're going from the caterpillar to the butterfly. It's a total transformation on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

At the point of total disconnection we're cut off from everything.

We're cut off from our;

Emotions & thoughts at a deeper level - we don't really know what we think or feel


Higher Self

Spiritual Power

Each other



Interdimensional beings & realms


We each have our own unique spiritual path but it's possible to outline the spiritual awakening process into 4 stages. Each stage can take many lifetimes to move through or for some depending on prior lifetimes can wake up more rapidly. The overall goal not being so much the end result of enlightenment but more the journey that we take to achieve it.  

First Stage - The Awakening

4 Stages to Spiritual Awakening

This first phase can often be triggered by some sort of crisis or feeling of emptiness and a need for change. You could be experiencing a health, relationship, family or professional challenge. This can often come out of the blue and feel like it's taken the rug out from under your feet. It shakes your very foundation.

It can be an intense time for you and can last for as long as it takes for you to make those internal changes. You are being pushed to look at and examine the very foundations your world has been built upon so that you can rapidly shift and change lower thoughts and emotions that have been keeping you stuck in a 3D environment.

This process can turn your life upside down as your Higher Self comes in to support the new you being birthed. This can be a very volatile time, with many ups and downs because you're undergoing a huge awakening process. The old ways of dealing with your emotions, wellbeing & life are just not working for you any more and you feel drawn to search out and explore new ways of supporting yourself such as working with meditation, energy, using crystals, exploring spiritual concepts and opening yourself up to new ideas and concepts.  You're being pushed to self heal so that you can become more empowered on all levels of your being. Through this process you discover over time about energy and energy management, the impact of your emotions and thoughts on your wellbeing and awaken to the truth that you are an energetic/spiritual being.

The majority of people are in this stage of spiritual growth to varying degrees.

Useful Tools in this Stage;

* Create a daily meditation practice

* Learn how to use the violet flame technique

* Learn how to cut cords

* Buy a few crystals that you feel drawn to

* Stay conscious of the bigger picture & keep on letting go & surrendering old thought patterns & emotions

Spiritual Awakening

Second Stage - Holding Your Light

You’ve probably been on the spiritual path for a while now. You may at times feel a little bit like an outsider due to the way you think and feel about life. The majority of humanity are in the first initial stages of the awakening process so most people may not be able to understand or relate to your level of consciousness & awareness.

This can be a challenging time as you'll be called to have to hold your light amongst your soul group - family, work colleagues & friends. You become essentially the torch bearer for this group and its part of your service as a lightworker to energetically support those in your soul group. You have to hold your light amongst power plays, psychic attack and people feeling threatened by your energy and light. You also have to be able to stay balanced whilst going through purification process's

In this phase of your spiritual journey your Higher Self is trying to guide you to awaken your inner goddess. Embodying the feminine principle is an essential part of your spiritual path. This is the case whether you're male or female. We're all in the process of becoming more androgynous in our way of being. So balancing out both our male and female energies is essential. However, so many of us have disconnected to aspects of our feminine energy due to many lifetimes of suppression of the feminine energies.

Some of these feminine qualities include;

* Ability to connect to our emotions

* Awakened Psyche - intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, instinctual awareness etc

* Introspection & ability to go within

* Flow & Creativity

This phase will include learning how to go within so you can develop your intuition, open up your psyche & learn how to hold your light. Through doing this you'll be able to sustain yourself for longer periods of time in the fifth dimension.

During this phase you start to begin a deeper level of introspection. Understanding what your limiting beliefs and core wounding are and learning how to navigate the purification process so that you can hold more and more light is key to this second phase.

As you open up more of your psyche you'll start to have more awareness of energy, its impact on you and how important it is to be able to run energy and light frequencies on a regular basis for your health & wellbeing as well as to accelerate your ascension journey.

Running energy and/or working with light frequencies through healing & meditation at this level are essential if you want to master this next level of your spiritual journey.

It's crucial at this stage that you can purify and surrender in the moment otherwise you'll leak your energy and light to others, situations, your own weaknesses and past life wounding. This is what keeps so many spiritually aware people stuck in this phase as they struggle or don't understand how to hold their light and complete a purification process.

During this stage you're learning how to hold your light within yourself and your immediate soul group - so family, friends and work group. You have to be able to do this first within yourself and then within your immediate soul group first before you can go out and be more of service in a larger way.


Useful Tools in this Stage

*  Set up an energy management system for yourself - eg - regular meditation practice, run energy on yourself, use tools to raise your frequency etc

* Run energy procedures like Violet Flame, Holding Power of Light, Cutting the Cords, White Light, Dragon Power etc

* Connect to the energy of Sacred Sites to raise your frequency

* Learn how to go into states of introspection

* Enhance present moment awareness - to support the ability to let go and surrender in the moment

*  Learn how to run energy - so you can channel higher frequencies of light into your body & consciousness

Third Stage - Radiating Your Light

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening, the four stages of Spiritual Awakening.
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During this phase of the journey you have now entered the higher initiations and are fully on the path of the initiative. You’re learning all about your energy, how to impacts others and you know when you're in an initiation process and how to navigate that. The more you can integrate your light and hold it the more you can crystallise and radiate it out.

These higher initiations are on the path to embodying your divine self. The expression of unconditional love through all aspects of your being. This is the path that all the ascended masters have taken and mastered in their journey of enlightenment

You're now able to sustain yourself in the 5d on an everyday level whilst going through your purifications . Your continually living in the 5d and starting to have more 6 and 7 d experiences. You have embodied enough light to be able to start to build your merkaba system. This is your vehicle of light. This will over time allow you to travel into other worlds and dimensions.

During this stage you'll be opening up more of your higher chakras - earthstar, soulstar, causal and stellar gateway chakras.

This will allow you to begin to access your higher gifts and talents as you learn how to anchor and ground then into your everyday reality. Your higher gifts and talents are unique abilities that you mastered in previous incarnations often in Atlantis & Lemuria. You'll also start to bring through more of your Oversoul and Higher Self.

You're integrating more of the higher levels of your lightbody & learning how to crystalize it. You have anchored your Adam Kadmon body and are continually clearing deeper and deeper levels of distortion & blocks. You'll be experiencing lightbody activations and kundalini shifts on a fairly regular basis. 

Although this stage can be intense, your awareness is so much more expanded and you have the knowledge and light tools to support your spiritual awakening at this level. 

During this stage you'll experience more intense; 

* Lightbody Activations

* Kundalini Shifts

* Rebirthing processes

* Light downloads

* Lightbody symptoms

Your psyche is much more open and you start to experience interdimensional travel. You can sense and feel energy, know how to tune into the crystalline grid and pull through the frequencies that you need in the moment to support lightbody integration & crystalization process.

At this stage of awareness you'll already be incorporating all the spiritual tools and procedures outlined in the first and second stage of spiritual awakening. You'll be guided to use them especially at times of initiation and deep purification so that you can maintain balance and integrate more of your lightbody.

Fourth Stage - Expressing Your Divinity

In this stage you are stepping out more onto a global level of service. You know who you are at a core level and have mastered many initiations. You have embodied androgyny and are balanced within your male and female energy. You have a fully awakened kundalini and have gone through an activation through the third eye. You have integrated the totality of your lightbody and are anchoring your Christbody. Your higher chakars are open and they work in unison with the main 7 chakas so you can channel universal information and connect to the grid. Your merkaba is fully enabled and depending upon your unique keys and codes your able to travel interdimensionally and retrieve knowledge, wisdom and universal teachings.

You are and experience yourself to be an expression of the divine. You have reached a state of enlightenment in body & consciousness where you experience universal connection to all things. This is a state of embodiment of your divinity.

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