Awaken Cosmic Codes

There is an ancient Hopi prophesy that declares the Four Corners must at all costs be protected as this area will in the future be important for the very survival of humanity and our planet.

Shamanic Jpourney

The Four Corners is a unique sacred place located in the USA. It's the homeland to several Native American tribes such as the Navajo and Hopi. It's called the Four Corners because it is the only place in USA where four states meet together and form a cross. These four states are - Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

The Four Corners area is bordered by four sacred mountains. Each mountain resonates a unique energy and vibration. The Hopi say that, within these four mountains, there is a sacred site that will play a very special role for the future of mankind. For the Navajo these four sacred mountains form an essential part of their creation story. They represent the four cardinal directions and each mountain has a colour and crystal/shell associated with it. They were told by their ancient Holy Ones ( Sky Gods) that this area was sacred and as long as they stayed here they would be protected. 

Star Seed Origins

According to the Navajo, The Holy Ones were super beings who possessed special powers. They came from the stars many eons ago. The Navajo have always retained a deep respect for these star gods from their distant pasts and have kept their teachings alive through rituals and spiritual ceremonies.  This is how they have managed to sustain and preserve their true identity and way of life for thousands of years. 

Similarly, the Hopi’s who are considered to be the oldest North American people with their lineage going back as far as 10,000 years also have very strong links to the stars. For many generations  they built and then abandoned villages before settling on an area which comprised of three mesas in the four corners area. These threes mesas mirror the three stars in the belt of Orion and this is why the Hopi choose to settle in this location. They believe that this is the centre of their universe, a place where they can make contact with the gods. 

The Four States region is of the utmost importance to the Native Americans and it is vital that this area be kept sacred & holy.

Commune with the universe

As we now witness global events escalating, it is more important than ever that we each do what we can as Lightworkers and Earth Angels to support our planet & humanity to birth into this new world. 

Over the last few months I have had many messages from spirit to facilitate a Crystal Merkaba Grid journey at this sacred location. At first I didn't quite understand why, but as tensions mount and America becomes the focus of much chaos and purification it became clear that the Four Corners area is and will become an important grid point for the emergence of our new world.

Everything is facilitated and orchestrated via the grid. By coming together energetically at this grid point we can support the anchoring of new lightcodes to support the healing and shifting of our planetary vibration & humanity. As you support the earth you in turn receive its blessings.

Come join me on this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey as we travel energetically to this unique sacred site. Connect to your star origins, activate your starseed codes & participate in the anchoring of new lightcodes onto the planet.

This is a wonderful opportunity to join together with other like minded souls, and participate energetically in the shifting of the grid as new light codes are anchored onto the planet. 

As we join together, we unite in our light and support the birthing of the new world. Through being of service, we step more into our role as a lightworker.